Heifer International Announces Extended Voting Leave for U.S. Staff for November 3 Election

By Heifer International

September 21, 2020


WASHINGTON Heifer International President and CEO Pierre Ferrari announced this week, in an email to employees, that the organization is providing up to 8 hours of paid leave to all staff and paid interns ahead of the upcoming elections. Employees are to use the hours on or before the United States Presidential Election on November 3, 2020 for voting, volunteering at a polling station, and/or assisting others to vote.

Heifer International believes every individual should have the ability to easily exercise their right to vote. Due to the additional challenges presented this year by COVID-19, the new policy extends the standard 3 hours of paid voting leave to ensure all staff have ample time to vote and participate in the election process. 

Ferrari encouraged staff to use the time to undertake their civic duty by voting, volunteering, or helping others in their communities to do so. 

“Voter participation is important and so are the people that make our elections possible – many of whom are volunteers,” said Ferrari. “This year, we are offering staff the opportunity to take up to 8 hours in paid voting leave on or before November 3, 2020 to do our part and ensure every individual who can is able to vote.”

Click here to check your registration and register to vote.


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Media Contact:

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