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Passing on the Gift

Passing on the Gift is the hallmark of our approach. Initially, the concept mandated that each farming family who received an animal gift passed on the first female offspring to another in need. While that hand-off of livestock remains a fixture in most projects, the idea has blossomed and encompasses far more than our founders expected.

Examples of how farming families have reinvented the pass-on idea show immense imagination and generosity. Whether farmers are passing on animals or time and knowledge, the act transforms recipients into donors and produces a profound sense of accomplishment. Tangible gifts come with intangible benefits of opportunity, dignity and acceptance.

This practice, at minimum, doubles the impact of the original gift, transforming a once impoverished family into full participants who improve and strengthen the bonds within their communities.

It’s proof that small actions can lead to big results. 

Passing On The Gift In Action

Passing on the Gift In Action
We thought gifts were expensive, but we’ve learned that knowledge and training are gifts, too. We pass on nutritious food, clothes for newborns, and school supplies for needy children. We visit other communities and bring them oranges, seeds and saplings. Niru Adhikari, Sundar Bagaicha self-help group, Suntalabari village, Kaski, Nepal

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