"Worldbuilders" Raises $308k for Heifer

By Kelly MacNeil

February 8, 2012

SometimesHeifer’s support comes from unlikely quarters.

Turns out,one of Heifer’s greatest advocates is a fantasy author named Patrick Rothfuss. Hehas a broad following of lively and thoughtful people, and he cheerfully marshalsthis army in Heifer’s name. During his annual fundraiser, Rothfuss’s Worldbuilders charity matches their donations by 50 percent.

This year,Rothfuss set the goal at $50,000, then $100,000, and kept bumping it up…
When the Feb.7 deadline hit, Rothfuss had raised $308,966!
We are alwaysimpressed by his passion for Heifer’s mission (last year he raised $192,000),but this was incredible. Rothfuss truly brought his entire community together.

In additionto the outpouring of support, Rothfuss also got stories from readers about howmeaningful the act of giving to Worldbuilders/Heifer could be. Here’s a neatexample:

I love, love, love Worldbuilders, but as a broke law student I can’t afford to donate much… So this year, my fiancée and I had a fun idea. We agree with your take on Valentine’s Day, so this year as our “Valentine’s Day present” to each other, we donated in our name to Worldbuilders.

We thought setting aside money for goats was way more important than setting aside money for unnecessary trinkets, and what better way is there to celebrate loving each other and wanting to spend our lives together than by making the world we want to live in better, and honoring an author whose work we adore?

Thank you,Patrick Rothfuss, for throwing your time, energy, and reputation behind Heifer’scause. And thank you for showing us howgenerous people can be when they’re given the chance.

Although thedeadline for the match has passed, you can still donate to the Worldbuilders team page.