The Plight of Coffee Growers: 'After the Harvest'

By Allison Stephens

April 30, 2011

Last Updated: October 3, 2019

Can you imagine only eating once every 2 days or telling your child they will only eat once a day but need to work all day in the field? These are the circumstances many coffee growers face during the thin months. This period of time can last between 3 and 8 months and is showcased in the new documentary, "After the Harvest."

Day two of the Specialty Coffee Association of America conference began with the world premier of "After the Harvest" followed by a lecture that gave further details of what many smallholder farmers face year round.
In recent years, many coffee farmers raise their children to leave the coffee industry. The quality of the coffee is a direct result of the quality of life of the farmer and their families.
And this leads us to ask, "What can I do?" Be a conscious consumer. Know where your coffee is coming from and that the producer is fairly compensated.