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The Nepal Earthquake: One Year Later

A photograph of the author, Annie Bergman.

By Annie Bergman

April 25, 2016

The Nepal Earthquake: One Year Later

Today marks one year since a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. It was the largest temblor felt there in 80 years, and affected tens of thousands of our project participants. Some lost their homes, others lost their livestock, some lost both.

We've followed the progress of our projects over the course of the last year, showing you how our participants came together in a time of crisis, the signifcant damage the earthquake did to the communities where we work, but ultimately, how it never diminished the spirit of our farmers

While the communities where we work still have a long road to travel to return to normal, significant progress has been made over the course of the year. Take a look at the earthquake in numbers in the infographic below, and continue checking back here as we'll be marking the anniversary over a series of posts between today and May 12.