Bite-Sized Tips For Better Living


By Bethany Ivie

May 8, 2019

Bite-Sized Tips For Better Living

There's a lot going on in the world today and it's easy to get overwhelmed. We've gathered some stories we think you'll like along with some tips you can use to make a difference in your own life and the world around you. In this issue of The Graze, read a story of hope in the face of climate change, learn how you can switch up your lawn, take a firmer grasp on the question "How does my food affect the planet?" and more.

Socha Sosoma holds a tree seedling he grew in his home nursery. Once, he and his neighbors didn't think trees could grow in their village because the ground was so dry.

Stories From Around the World

To Combat Climate Change, It's Going to Take an (Eco)Village
In one of Tanzania's driest districts, farmers are working together to fight climate change and leave the Earth better than they found it. Husband and wife Socha Sosoma and Stella John were almost forced to flee their home because of terrible drought. Instead, they joined Heifer's Igunga Eco-Village Project and learned how to tackle climate change head-on.  

Pop Culture

Our Arya Stark-Style Kill List

Hope and optimism are all well and good, but sometimes vengeance and righteous anger are the fuels we need to get a job done. Let's take a cue from the savior of Westeros, Arya Stark, and make a list of things that we're passionate about wiping off the face of the Earth. At the top of our list? Hunger. 


Grass-Free Lawns That Will Save You Hassle and Save the Earth

Are you the lawn-mowing type? If you’re like me and dread your summer sessions with the weed eater, it may be time to consider one of these fragrant, eco-friendly alternatives.

No lawn? No Problem. Try Container Gardening

Where are my apartment-dwellers? You can get growing without an outdoor space of your own. Here’s how.

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Current Events

Opinion: Even If Millions Went Vegan Overnight, It Wouldn’t Make a Dent In the Fight Against Climate Change

The fact that what we eat affects the Earth is an undeniable fact. Veganism is often touted as the solution. But what if it’s not? 

Your Questions About Food and Climate Change, Answered

If you read one article on what you can do to combat climate change via your diet, let it be this one. The New York Times is here with digestible and answers to the big questions about your food and how it affects the Earth. It’s honest. It’s blunt. But not hopeless.

Melinda Gates: How I Learned to See Agriculture (and Everything Else) as a Gender Issue

Melinda Gates breaks down why tackling the world's big issues starts with focusing on women.