The Real Death By Chocolate (and Tips From Beyond the Veil)


By Bethany Ivie

June 13, 2019

The Real Death By Chocolate (and Tips From Beyond the Veil)

In This Article

  • Death by chocolate? Totally a thing for the Aztec people.
  • Is the death-knell of the plastic grocery bag really a good thing for the Earth? Maybe not as much as you think.
  • Are your plant babies actively crossing the rainbow bridge? Resurrect them with these gardening tips.
  • Turns out, dying isn't great for the environment. Fortunately, we've found some ways to stay eternally eco-friendly.

Eternally Earth-Friendly

I have bad news, fellow humans: not even death can erase our crimes against nature. As it turns out, dying (and being disposed of after death) is pretty bad for the environment IF you go the route of traditional cremation and burial.

Lucky for us all, alternatives exist. Enter green burials, eco-friendly methods in which bodies are cared for respectfully in a way that minimally impacts the environment. 

  • Eco-Friendly Coffins or UrnsOpt out of embalming and lay yourself to eternal rest in a sustainably made, biodegradable coffin or urn made of wicker, paper or rock salt.
  • Mushroom ShroudsDon what is essentially a luxe cotton pajama set covered in mushroom spores and let the fungi do its thing.
  • Water CremationWhere typical cremation is a fiery affair, water cremation is more like a gentle, warm bath (that saves tons of C02 from being released into the atmosphere).
  • Human CompostingAfter being placed in a container filled with wood chips and hay, you’ll eventually become about two wheelbarrows full of you-soil that can be given to your family (for memorial gardening) or scattered along the countryside.

In Cambodia, Spirits Rest Here

If you lived in Cambodia, or other Asian nations, you wouldn’t have to worry about spending eternity in a human landfill. Instead, you’d get to live out your afterlife in a spirit house.

In Cambodia, the ashes of the departed are placed inside spirit houses seven days after death.

Resurrect Your Fallen Potted Plants

In the past, we’ve given you tips on starting your own container garden and even told you how to set realistic expectations for own growing paradise. Today, we’re here to tell you what to do if, despite your best intentions, your plant babies are just straight-up dying (it happens to the best of us).

The Dark, Decadent Drink of Death

Today, chocolate is a sweet, decadent treat. Originally? It was a savory death drink given to Aztec human sacrifices. Talk about a brand shift. Learn the brilliant, terrifying history of the world’s most popular indulgence.

Single-Use Plastic Bags Are Going The Way of the Dodo. But Is That a Good Thing?  

the U.S retailers like Kroger and Whole Foods are vowing to nix plastic grocery bags once and for all in favor of (supposedly) more earth-friendly options like paper and reusable totes. But…what if those reusable totes aren’t helping the environment as much as we think they are?

And what do you do with the mountain of grocery bags you inevitably have stored under your sink? Instead of throwing away your horde (or shelling out cash for a new tote) reuse them. Our suggestion: plarn.