ICYMI: Overlooked News from Haiti, the U.S.-Mexico Border and beyond

By Molly Mitchell

November 17, 2019

A young Haitian girl with a white shirt and blue head wrap looks to the side.
A Haitian girl stands outside her home in Baie de Henne, Haiti, a village where Heifer Haiti works.

In This Article

  • Haiti has screeched to a standstill, and the cycle of poverty there is more like a cyclone. One journalist asks: does anyone care?
  • Often the journalists covering the crisis are men, meaning stories about women, children and families are drowned out. A more diverse group of reporters will give us a fuller picture.
  • Take a sneak peak into our most recent trip to Nepal
  • Plus: a feel-good story about goats saving a library.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and one of the poorest and most tumultuous places in the world.  While Haiti continues to burn just 2 hours by air from the U.S., the institutions designed to help communities in crisis seem to be experiencing burn-out when it comes to Haiti in particular. One journalist asks: does anyone care about Haiti and the 11 million people suffering there?

We need women journalists at the U.S.-Mexico border 

Because of the level of violence along the migrant trail, migration often gets covered as if it were a war. Often the journalists covering the crisis are men, meaning stories about women, children and families are drowned out. The gender imbalance in the press pool is reflected in the news we hear, but to do the women, girls and others justice, we must look to a more diverse group of reporters.

Two elephants and their riders.
Elephants help keep farms in Nepal safe from dangerous wildlife.

Sneak peak of our trip to Nepal

Our favorite workplace bro duo, writer Jason Woods and photographer Joe Tobiason, took their bromance on the road to visit a Heifer project in Nepal last month. We can’t wait for the full story to come out, but in the meantime here is a sneak peak of the amazing people and places they encountered along the way.

Fall Harvest Recipe Book 

There’s a lot going on in the world that can stress and overwhelm us. While it’s important to keep our eyes and hearts open, we also need space to enjoy the good things in life. Not least of which is fall comfort food. Take some time and try one of our favorite fall recipes.

Goats save presidential library

The goats of the world have proven once again how awesome they really are, and in the most unexpected ways. This time, goats saved the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library from a wildfire. Seriously!