A Message from Pierre Ferrari, Heifer President and CEO

By Pierre Ferrari

October 3, 2019

Last Updated: February 1, 2017

A Message from Pierre Ferrari, Heifer President and CEO

To our colleagues, partners, project partners, volunteers and supporters all over the world:

Heifer International has operated in 125 countries since 1944. Our founder Dan West, a farmer from the American Midwest, was moved by his experience as an aide worker during the Spanish Civil War to provide a more lasting solution to the extreme poverty that he witnessed. The single cup of milk rationed to the refugees daily was simply not enough, and he pioneered a movement to deliver livestock and training that continues to this day. We have successfully empowered 155 million people of all backgrounds to escape extreme hunger and poverty. 

To completely end the global scourges of hunger and poverty – and we are getting closer – there cannot be room for hatred, violence, racism, misogyny, anti-semitism, homophobia or religious intolerance. There are genuine differences of opinions and many strong feelings on many issues, yet we are all humans seeking peace, happiness and security. We will continue our work to fulfill our vision to empower communities to lead lives of dignity and self-reliance.

We are, of course, also concerned about the potential immediate impact that recent policy changes may have on our employees around the globe. We will continue to offer our full support and care to ensure their safety and dignity along with our support to project partners and the communities with which we work.

In solidarity and compassion,