Sheep Mow Your Lawn; Goats Eat Your Weeds

By Brooke Edwards

November 7, 2011

Would you pay $2 a day to let a pair of sheep mow your lawn? If you live in Oberlin, Ohio, you now have the option! With the economy what it is, folks are getting realllly creative to earn their livelihoods, even here in the United States. This NY Times article highlights an urban sheep shepherd who rents out his sheep as a lawn care service, another man you can pay to build a backyard chicken coop and teach you to care for your very own poultry, and several other cases where people are turning to creative urban agriculture.

Goats are pretty handy, too. Though they won't actually eat tin cans, they will eat kudzu, otherwise known as "the weed that ate the South." In Knoxville, Tennessee, these browsing ruminants have been put to work eating kudzu on farms and along highways since at least 2003.