Movin and Shakin in Bihar, India

By Maggie Carroll

July 11, 2012

Singing and dancing. Two things people everywhere should do a lot more of. My visits to Heifer projects in various communities have been educational and training-centered. Of course, that doesn’t mean all business and no fun, and what is more fun then Maggie trying to learn traditional village dances!

Well, the video of me stumbling around has accidentally been deleted from my camera, computer, hard drive and anywhere else it could possibly be. Fortunately, all video clips of the seasoned professionals remain in tact and ready for sharing.

The drumbeats, collection of voices, hand clapping, and specific footwork are integral parts of this experience. As far as how it connects to Heifer's mission, Anjani, Bihar field officer, explains, “if they are dancing, if they are singing...harmony is flowing".

Check out this medley of traditional dancers and a quick comment by Heifer field officer, Anjani Harsh:

Movin and Shakin in Bihar! from Maggie Carroll on Vimeo.