Your Guide To Becoming a Conscious Coffee Connoisseur and Other Nuggets of Wisdom

By Bethany Ivie

September 4, 2019

Your Guide To Becoming a Conscious Coffee Connoisseur and Other Nuggets of Wisdom

In This Article

  • Coffee is beloved the world over, but coffee farmers are struggling to survive. We have tips to help you support the people who grow your favorite pick-me-up.
  • When it comes to the continent and people of Africa, stereotypes abound. Take a minute to dispel some of the most common generalizations and learn something new.
  • Learn what we all do with our recycling that's hurting the planet (and how you can stop).
  • Plus, take a look at our favorite back-to-school photos from our projects around the world and try not to die of cuteness.

How The Coffee Industry is Bad For Coffee Farmers (And What You Can Do About It)

I have some bad news: the men and women who grow the coffee you drink are struggling to survive. But the good news is, there are steps you can take to make things better. We’re tackling the problem and giving you tips on how to be a conscious coffee consumer. 

When It Comes to the Continent of Africa, Stereotypes Abound. Let's Bust Them. 

You can download your own copy of our infographic here.

There are millions of amazing things to know about Africa. The first being: it’s not a country (I know you know this, but it just has to be said). Some of these facts include: 

  • Africa is bigger than you think it is – if you combined the landmasses of China, the United States, India, Japan and much of Europe, you’d ALMOST hit the mark.
  • There is nothing generic about the Continent – not only is it perhaps the most genetically diverse continent on the planet, but it’s also home to the most languages. In Nigeria and Cameroon alone, approximately 700 languages are spoken with 500 in the former and 200 in the latter.
  • African countries account for five or six spots on most "top 10 fastest growing economies" lists with Ethiopia, Ghana and the Ivory Coast leading the way for the continent. 

The Bad Habit We All Have That’s Hurting The Planet

Wishcycling” is a term that folks in the waste industry have for those of us that wonder “is this recyclable?” before throwing it in the bin for someone else to sort. We’re all guilty of it. Unfortunately, this well-meaning thoughtlessness is wreaking havoc in the recycling world. Check out this infographic that you can use as a handy guide to what you can and cannot recycle. 

Bonus: Back to School Photos Around the World

Is there anything cuter than a kindergartener? We submit that there is not! Get your daily quota of joy with these photos of tiny, tiny scholars from Bangladesh, Ghana, Cambodia and more!


Ben (4) practices his letters with the help of his teacher in Ghana.