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Heifer Senegal Recognized by President Sall for Work in Small Ruminants

A photograph of the author, Christopher Tifuntoh.

By Christopher Tifuntoh

December 10, 2018

Heifer Senegal Recognized by President Sall for Work in Small Ruminants

Senegal President Macky Sall presented Heifer Senegal with a national award for its work in the small ruminant sector at a ceremony in early December. 

“I want to particularly thank Heifer for its contribution in development work in Senegal and in the domain of livestock," Pres. Sall said. "My special thanks to the work you are doing on animal health in Senegal."

Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye, Minister of Livestock and Animal Production, added that Heifer’s unique Passing on the Gift methodology is important for ending hunger and poverty and also very effective in animal development. "My ministry is working with Heifer Senegal not only in the area of livestock health, we also are working with Heifer and the Savory Institute to regenerate the Dolly Ranch grass field in Senegal," she said. "Heifer is an important partner to the Government of Senegal in ending hunger and poverty.” 

Heifer Senegal Country Director Abdoul Karim Gueye received the prize on behalf of his team. "This important award from the Government of Senegal shows that our model is working well in Senegal. I am delighted that Heifer International has been recognized by the president of our country. This award is dedicated to all of the communities we are working with our team of staff and partners on the ground, as well as our supporters and international colleagues. This recognition serves only to strengthen our efforts towards ending hunger and poverty in Senegal.” 

Since 2007, Heifer has implemented projects in 12 of Senegal’s 14 regions. Additionally, Heifer Senegal has supported the vaccination of 133,144 small ruminants against sheep and goat plague and different respiratory diseases. The team has also trained 351 community veterinarians that work in communities across the country and take part in annual community vaccination campaigns.

Heifer was awarded the prize at the National Livestock Day celebrations in Ranerou Department in North-East Senegal. The event's theme was “The eradication of sheep and goat plague in small ruminants, a global challenge for food security and nutrition for populations.” International organizations and regional bodies such as the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization, the World Organization for Animal Health, the African Union and others also participated.