From the Archives: Gifts for People You Might Not Even Like

By Jessica Ford

October 3, 2019

Last Updated: December 23, 2017

From the Archives: Gifts for People You Might Not Even Like

When Heifer encourages you to “Choose a meaningful gift to give a loved one” we know it is okay to consider “loved one” a loose term. You know you have them. We all do. The nagging aunt, the annoying cousin, the terrible step-sister, the horrible boss...

Remember this guy? Image

That is where we come in.

See, not only can you get nagging Aunt Helen a share of a goat—you can smile to yourself knowing that you gave her the back end.

Or for the boss who denied the whole staff their annual Christmas bonus in lieu of a subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club, how about a pig?

Picture them getting spit on by a cute alpaca. Or stung by bees.

In spite of your feeling towards these special folks, even your most disliked "loved one" will hardly resist the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that a precious little pig has been purchased in their name. And both of you share the joy of knowing you are providing families all over the world with a hand up.

An example of Heifer's Honor Card that you'll get in the mail.

We even take care of the wrapping. When you buy your animal, we send an honor card so that you don’t even have to make contact. Just consider Heifer your middle man, ending hunger and poverty one unlikable relative at a time. 

And it gets better; you get a tax deduction with each animal you purchase—helping you at tax time.

So when you must buy gifts for folks on the naughty list, it’ll be okay. Heifer International is there to save the day.

Buy an animal for those you kind of have to love today.

Header images courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.