Barnyard Beauty Blog: Silkies' Secrets

By Austin Bailey

September 14, 2018

Last Updated: October 3, 2019

Barnyard Beauty Blog: Silkies' Secrets

The Heifer Urban Farm in Little Rock teems with 4H show-stoppers. We’ve got plump pigs with rosy pink complexions, a brawny goat with a flaxen beard and a cow named Sunshine who turns heads with the glossiest coat and longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen. What’s their secret?

For Cody the Silkie rooster, a steady diet of whole grains and bugs is key. Farmer Harry Harris feeds him corn, millet, wheat and oats. Between meals, Cody snacks on worms and bugs he finds in the dirt. And speaking of dirt, it might just be the key to Cody’s award-worthy plumage. Chickens don’t like water, so they take dust baths instead.

In this video, Cody reveals his lifestyle tips for maintaining his shiny, fluffy feathers.