Good Eaters Unite

A photograph of the author, Annie Bergman.

By Annie Bergman

December 14, 2013

Good Eaters Unite

When it comes to what we eat, we're inundated with advice from experts in all sorts of fields. Most of the time we're told what foods to avoid, as they'll make us fat or sick or both. But as it turns out, the best eaters are the ones who love food and really enjoy eating it, too. 

Forbes recently wrote about the Seven Habits of Good Eaters, and no fitness experts weighed in on what or how they eat. Refreshing, right? Among them: savor your food, and eat dessert once a day. Those seem like two bits of advice that nearly everyone can get behind. Just be careful of sugars that are in everyday, processed foods, the article warns. The other points say to enjoy the food, but eat less, and eat lots of colors. 

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