Blue Nile and Heifer International Team Up to Help You Find the Perfect Gift for Your Wedding Anniversary

By Heifer International

July 24, 2020

Wedding anniversaries are a time to reflect and give thanks. They are an opportunity to honor your life partner and celebrate how far you've come together. For our donors, it can also be a time to Pass on the Gift and spread love to communities around the world.

Choosing the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse can feel daunting, with so much choice and plenty of traditions to follow. To help you get started, we have teamed up with Blue Nile to compile the ultimate guide to wedding anniversary gifts by year.

The 59th wedding anniversary is traditionally the one set aside for charitable giving, but we know it is a great way to celebrate the occasion every year.

Heifer got its start following the Spanish Civil War when our founder, Dan West, handed out cups of milk rations as a relief worker. He realized they needed “not a cup, but a cow.” Over 75 years later, we are still working from that simple idea as we help people unlock the potential that is inside them through gifts of training, livestock and agriculture.

Our goal is to end hunger and poverty across the world through sustainable, environmentally friendly approaches that lift communities out of poverty and help them achieve living incomes.

Donors that wish to give to Heifer International for their wedding anniversaries want to give to those in greater need as an alternative to the traditional anniversary gifts. Our top picks for charitable gifts from our own collection are:

Mating Pair of Cattle (heifers) — These were the first animals we provided, and we liked them so much that we named our organization after them.

FOH — Friends of Heifer (FOH) is our monthly giving program. Donors who choose to give monthly are some of our most loyal, devoted supporters.

Bees — Big things come in small packages! A healthy hive of bees can double crop yields for small-scale farmers.