Around the Web: A Visit to a Global Village, Earth Day Festival and an International Clubs Festival

By Linda Meyers

October 3, 2019

Last Updated: April 28, 2013

Every Sunday we highlight some of the people who are funding our work creatively or helping us spread the word of our mission online. If you spot Heifer International while you’re surfing the web or know of a fun or creative fundraising effort, please share it with us here in the comments.

Global Village Photo credit: Liesl Den,

An awesome post by Liesl Den on with even-more-awesome photos of a trip to a Heifer Global Village at Shepherd's Spring in Maryland. Read about the family's adventures through the Global Village, including Mozambique, a refugee camp, Thailand, Kenya, Appalachia, and Guatemala. You can also read her post about her kids' service project, selling their own paintings to benefit Heifer.

Earth Day 2013 Photo credit: Jen and Jon Plus Kate

Jennifer and her family, from the blog Jen and Jon Plus Kate, attended the Earth Day festivities held on the grounds of Heifer International in Little Rock, Arkansas, and tells all about it (with a few pics, as well).

Mehlville International Clubs Festival Photo credit: Mehlville-Oakville Patch

Organizers of the Mehlville School District’s International Clubs Festival, a cultural diversity celebration that included international music, dance, foods and crafts, was a huge success with about 1,000 people attending. Festival coordinator Christina Carlisle Mendoza said, “The main thing is that we are learning about new cultures. That’s the whole point. The world is getting smaller as we go on, so the more we know about people the better it is.” Proceeds from the event, which was held in St. Louis, Missouri, are being donated to Heifer International.