Heifer Americas Farmers Pass On Helpful Gifts During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sharing the essentials with neighbors in need

By Heifer International

April 21, 2020

handmade mask
Heifer project participants with sewing skills in Nicaragua shifted gears to produce protective masks for neighbors.

In This Article

  • Heifer project participants throughout the Americas are shifting gears to help neighbors in need.
  • Rather than passing on goats or seeds, Heifer farmers are sharing protective gear, cleaning supplies and staple foods with their communities.
  • In Ecuador, Heifer staff remains connected and upbeat thanks to technology and positivity.
  • Sharing and caring, a cornerstone of Heifer's work, is on full display.

Heifer International staff and project participants in Central and South America keep working despite the limits on travel and in-person meetings that COVID-19 presents. Staff members are making the most of technology to stay engaged, and project participants are stepping up in big ways to pass on gifts of food and sanitation supplies to fellow community members in need.

These stories from Nicaragua, Honduras and Ecuador capture the creative thinking and generous hearts shaping Heifer International’s work during this time of global crisis.

girl in mask
The masks made by Heifer project participants in Nicaragua are getting put to good use.

In Nicaragua, young people working on a project to plant drought-resistant crops and expand irrigation in the Dry Corridor temporarily shifted gears to meet the immediate needs created by the pandemic.

In Honduras, Heifer project participants are helping their neighbors in different ways. The Association of Honey Producers of San Juan La Labor is a small group, with only 10 member families. In recent weeks they created and delivered relief packages to 10 neighboring families in need. Each package includes rice, corn flour, coffee, sugar, oats, pasta, shortening, tomato paste and, of course, a bottle of honey.

Heifer participants deliver goods to neighbors.
Cleaners, staple foods and hand sanitizer were included in the care packages shared by Heifer Honduras project participants.

Another beekeeping group in Honduras, the Multiple Apiculture Services Company of San Francisco Cones, also put together packages for neighbors in need, with the goal of keeping their homes clean and healthy. The kits included cleaners, disinfectants, bleach and hand sanitizer.

In Ecuador, Heifer staff do their best to support the farmers and small business owners out in the field even as they’re forced to work from home. Working remotely can be lonely, so the Ecuador staff put together this fun video to keep spirits up. Even if your Spanish skills are rusty, you’ll enjoy this jazzy, upbeat dispatch from the other side of the equator.