2023: Heifer's Year in Pictures

By Heifer International

December 12, 2023

A farmer in a blue shirt and rubber boots tends to a vegetable garden.
Photo by Isadora Romero/Heifer International.

As 2023 draws to a close, we're looking back on an extraordinary year marked by impactful strides forward. Amid global challenges such as food insecurity, climate change and economic disparities, our project participants exemplified boundless resilience, innovation and collective strength. Join us as we revisit these pivotal moments and celebrate our shared commitment toward a world free from poverty and hunger, rich in sustainability.


Youth Employment in Uganda 

A young man carries a blue bucket across a farm with cows grazing in the background.
Photo by Russell Powell/ Heifer International.

On fellow Heifer farmer Patrick Mutungi's land in Uganda's Kiboga District, 23-year-old Brighton Kabigumira earns a steady wage and gains valuable experience in dairy farming as part of Heifer's Accelerate Dairy Production and Productivity Project. As a workplace and training hub, this 50-acre property equips young farmers with improved animal management and dairy operations expertise to combat youth unemployment and increase regional dairy production.

Training in Bangladesh

A woman in a vibrant yellow saree conducts a training session outdoors, holding up a chart, with women in colorful attire listening attentively.
Photo by Pranab K. Aich/Heifer International.

Riya Sheikh, center, leads a training session with a women's self-help group in Rajshahi district, Bangladesh. Through Heifer's partner, WAVE Foundation, her work provides women with the skills to confidently assert their views, practice sustainable livestock management and navigate toward economic independence and leadership roles. Armed with fundamental tools and knowledge, these women reflect the core of Heifer's training initiatives.

Food Security in Tanzania

A woman serves milk to her two young children outdoors, surrounded by banana plants.
Photo by Moshi J. Lukindo/Heifer International.

Rebecka Enock Mwangurube, left, pours milk for her two young children. Rebecka and her husband, Evenule, see increased milk production by providing suitable nutrition, hygiene and breeding techniques to their cattle through Heifer’s Tanzania Milk Processing Project, turning a once scarce resource into a staple for essential nourishment and child development.


Climate Resilience in Senegal

A woman in a colorful print garment waters a small onion farm under the harsh sun.
Photo by Sylvain Cherkaoui/Heifer International.

In the challenging landscape of western Senegal, Maty Tine attentively tends her onion field. Guided by Heifer’s Climate Services for Resilience and Productivity Project, Maty receives timely weather alerts through text and voice messages, which is crucial for adapting to the region’s unpredictable climate patterns. With this vital information, Maty and many others are better positioned to flourish in the face of environmental challenges and ensure sustainable agricultural productivity.

Women’s Empowerment in Guatemala 

A group of women stand against a backdrop of greenery.
Photo by Ivan Castro/Heifer International.

Florinda Araceli Tzib Maaz, center, and her colleagues in Guatemala's Green Business Belt Signature Program embody Heifer's dedication to investing in women in agricultural entrepreneurship. Through specialized training in agroforestry and business management, women learn how to cultivate diverse spices native to their land and operate cooperatives more efficiently, leading to higher profits and a future where women thrive in every field and market.

Market Connections in Nigeria

A woman exchanges a bowl of tomatoes with a man inside a boat against a serene river backdrop.
Photo by Russell Powell/Heifer International.

In Nigeria, many farmers like Rofiat Ibrahim, left, have moved from uncertain tomato sales to stable incomes this past year, thanks to Heifer's facilitation of direct ties with buyers such as Kaptain Foods Limited, right. Previously, reaching markets from the island where she lives was difficult, and purchases were often made solely on credit, leaving Rofiat without immediate payment. Now, fair and direct market access ensures timely compensation and strengthens her market position.

Animal Welfare in Mexico

A woman tends to her chickens in a thatched-roof enclosure.
Photo by Nicole Franco/Heifer International.

In the town of Emiliano Zapata, Yucatán, Magali Martín May looks after her chickens, showcasing the Kikibá Collective's commitment to ethical, cage-free egg production. As a member of this producer organization, her involvement is critical to maintaining high animal welfare standards. With Heifer's guidance in suitable livestock selection and sustainable animal management practices, Magali and fellow farmers enhance animal health and bolster farm productivity while elevating their economic well-being.