Read to Feed Month

Earn Books for your Classroom

This Spring we’re excited to celebrate April as Read to Feed month! You and your students can join with thousands of others who are doing their part to make a better world. And you can earn free books for your class.

To thank you for your support of Heifer International, any class that submits a donation of $600 through Read to Feed between April 1 and June 15 will receive 30 copies of a grade-appropriate Read to Feed book. For a class of 30 students, that’s $20 in funds raised by each student.

There is no limit to the number of classrooms within a school that may participate, so invite others to join you! Here’s a flyer to help you spread the word.

Here’s how to Read to Feed and claim your books:

  • Visit our Resources page to order your Leader’s Guide and 30-Student Pack, and download lesson plans to keep your students engaged.
  • Set up your class online fundraising page.
  • Collect and submit funds online or through the mail with our Donation Form.
  • Select the book you’d like to receive, using the book redemption form. Be sure to submit the book redemption form between April 1 and June 15. Allow approximately 3-4 weeks for processing and shipping.
  • Celebrate! You’ve made a difference in helping to end hunger and poverty.

What else can you do?

Share your class' Read to Feed experience with us at When Cows Fly and earn a chance to win a signed copy of Paige McBrier’s new book One Cow and Counting for your classroom! Here's how it works:

  • Visit When Cows Fly.
  • Upload your classroom’s story (Ideas include):
    • Kids’ quotes on what they like best about #ReadtoFeed.
    • How many books your students have read in April (submit a photo of your pile of conquered books!
    • Tell us how much you’ve raised for Heifer and how you’d like it to be spent.
    • Who are your star Read to Feed students and why do they stand out?
    • What is your classroom doing to celebrate #ReadtoFeed month?
  • Upload a story once a week for the entire month.
  • Each week, Heifer will pick a winning story and mail a book.

All other stories submitted will be entered into being submitted to Heifer’s magazine, World Ark. If a story is selected for World Ark, you will be notified for more information.

Be sure to follow Heifer on Facebook and Twitter to find out more about how Heifer is celebrating Read to Feed this spring.