5 Super Cute Crafts for Celebrating World School Milk Day

By Heifer International

October 3, 2019

Last Updated: September 17, 2018

5 Super Cute Crafts for Celebrating World School Milk Day

In This Article

  • School milk programs around the world help fight childhood malnutrition.
  • World School Milk Day was established to raise awareness and celebrate the success of school milk programs around the world.
  • We gathered tips and resources to help you celebrate World School Milk Day in your classroom in a fun and educational way!

Join students around the globe in celebrating the 19th annual World School Milk Day on Wednesday, September 26th, 2018.

School milk programs are an important tool for combatting hunger and helping kids around the world do their best by providing nutritious and filling snacks during the long school day. World School Milk Day was established raise awareness and celebrate the value and health benefits of milk and school milk feeding programs. Schools around the world have been using fun and educational lessons and activities to mark the day since 2000.

If you and your students want to join in the fun, consider trying out some of the milk-themed activites below!

1. Milk Moustaches/Cow Masks

Two boys wear cow masks.
Blake and Archie sport adorable cow masks.

Choose your favorite ‘milk moo-stache’ or ‘cow mask’ from the internet, print, cut and use as photo props. You can set up a photo booth with hay bales, tools and other fall or barnyard decorations to really sell the photo-op!

Pro tip: Use the masks or moo-staches as a way for students to raise their hands throughout the day.

Milk jug bowling set.
This project works as a fun example of up-cycling, too!

2. Milk Jug Bowling

Collect and thoroughly rinse out six or more empty ½ gallon milk jugs and fill each with an inch of sand or small pebbles. Set the jugs up like bowling pins and mark out an ‘alley’ on any hard, even surface. Take turns ‘bowling’ using a soccer ball or any large sports ball. Who ever scores the highest can be the ‘big cheese’ for the day.

3. Milk Money

Looking for a service project? Your classroom can help provide milk to fellow students in Tanzania. Learn all about Heifer’s Milk Money program and check out our leader’s guide, chock full of fun milk themed fundraising ideas like a ‘milk before bedtime pajama party’, as well as classroom resources like crosswords and art projects! All proceeds of the program will go to supplying fresh, nutritious milk to kids who really need it!

4. Milk Painting

Interdisciplinary science project alert! Make milk paintings for a fun and easy activity that blends art and science using milk, detergent and food coloring.

5. More Teacher Resources

Visit The Dairy Alliance to find additional activities, lesson plans, coloring sheets, games and more to make your World School Milk Day the best ever!

By Liz Ellis, Heifer Community Engagement Coordinator