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Working with Ethical, Values-Driven Vendors

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Heifer commits to excellent procurement activities to ensure the highest value for our donors’ contributions. Quality vendors help us advance toward the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals — 17 goals set by the United Nations urgently calling all countries to globally partner for a future where people and planet are peaceful and prosperous.

We appreciate working in strategic partnership with vendors and throughout our procurement process, we are committed to efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Active Bid Opportunities

RFP for Systems Change Nigeria

Heifer International seeks to promote self-sufficiency and economic sustainability by providing farm animals, training in sustainable agricultural practices, and support for small business creation. The "Passing on the Gift® (PoG)" approach is central to Heifer’s strategy, as it fosters solidarity and collaboration among beneficiary families. Heifer currently uses multipliers to estimate households that have benefited indirectly from Heifer's programs, based on the "Original Gift (OG)" or "Direct" change and Passing on the Gift models.

In recent years, Heifer International has undergone changes in its approach to program design and implementation, adopting a systems approach in some regions, including in Africa. Systemic programming enables Heifer to contribute to farmers, cooperatives, and government and private sector actors in achieving more effective program implementation, better outcomes, and potentially broader impact. Due to these changes, the organization has revised its methodology for estimating indirect multipliers, seeking to develop an approach more compatible with systems programming.

The contracting modality is through an open call. Those interested can send their proposal (technical and cost) and resumes of the project lead, any confirmed key team members, and a sample CV of an enumerator who may be joining the team to the following email: Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis. The technical and financial proposals should be submitted by November 22, 2023 to Heifer. Please quote "Systems Change Nigeria" in the subject. Heifer retains the right to terminate this RFP or modify the requirements upon notification to the Offerors.

Download the terms for this opportunity here.

RFP 20241220 Organizational Design and Change Management

Heifer International seeks to partner with a consultant or consultancy firm that has broad experience within the INGO sector in strategic development, organization design, and organization transformation. The consultant or consultancy firm will review the organization’s current state and aspirations, advise on appropriate operating models, and work with key stakeholder groups in the organization and the Board of Directors to design an operating model that supports Heifer’s goal, strategy, and mission.

The proposal should comprise technical and financial proposals. Proposals will be accepted preferably in soft copy through email with the subject line: "Organization Design and Change Management Consultancy" to on or before December 20, 2023.

Download the terms for this opportunity here.

What We Look For In Vendors

  • Grounded in ethics
  • Values-driven
  • Quotes entire price upfront
  • Produces quality work
  • Financially strong
  • Customer service and support
  • Extensive offerings
  • Years of experience
  • Accountability
  • Clear communication

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