Board of Directors

Strengthening communities around the world

Meet our Board of Directors whose diverse expertise supports Heifer’s mission

Strategic vision

Our Board Members come from a wide range of backgrounds, including business, agriculture, academia and the private sector. They create the organization’s strategic vision, establishing Heifer as a partner with locals on the ground. Team members across the globe implement the Board’s values and policies and in turn, build inclusive economies that empower millions.

At least one director resides in each of the international program areas where Heifer carries out its work. All directors are independent voting members, as defined in IRS Form 990.

  1. Susan Grant, At-Large Director since 2011
  2. Esther Cohen, Vice Chair, Faith Based Director since 2013
  3. Tom Hadfield, North America, At-Large Director since 2016
  4. Randi Hedin, Chair, At-Large Director since 2017
  5. Ramesh Singh, Asia, At-Large Director since 2019
  6. Mary Renwick, At-Large Director since 2020
  7. Marianella Baez Jost, At-Large Director since 2022
  8. Nomsa Daniels, Africa, At-Large Director since 2022
  9. Daron Joffe, At-Large Director since 2022
  10. Nathan Hosler, Faith Based Church of the Brethren Director since 2020

  11. Martha Brantley, Chair, Heifer Foundation since 2019
  12. Sarah Alexander, Non-voting liaison representing Heifer Foundation since 2020
  13. Alberto Irezabal Vilaclara, Americas, At-Large Director since 2021
  14. Patricia Kisare, Faith Based At-Large Director since 2021
  15. Smriti Canakapalli, At-Large Director since 2023
  16. Brandi DeCarli, At-Large Director since 2023
  17. Tanja Havemann, Europe, At-Large Director since 2023
  18. Atul Satija, At-Large Director since 2023

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