Flora and the Runaway Rooster book.

Flora and the Runaway Rooster

Young Flora dreams of going to school with her brother and sister so she can play soccer. But when one of her family's roosters Kubika runs loose, he leads Flora on an adventure in her native Rwanda. Along the way she learns the value of friendship, responsibility and Passing on the Gift.

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Full Description

In a country that has known so much hurt and yet holds so much promise, a young girl dreams of going to school like her big brother and sister. But Flora must stay home to care for the animals that the family depends on for their survival.  And when one of those animals — the rowdy rooster Kubika — gets away, well … that’s when the adventure starts for Flora and her friend Gideon. Follow along as they trail after Kubika, ward off a hungry eagle who’s got his eye on Kubika, and meet with a wise woman who teaches them how a gift can change a life.

Recommended for first and second grade.



  • 32 pages
  • Written by John Claude Bemis
  • Illustrated by Robert Crawford

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