HEIFER Ranch Center For Regenerative Agriculture

A living laboratory committed to science-based, eco-friendly, holistic farming practices.

Our Work

Heifer Ranch Center for Regenerative Agriculture is a working ranch committed to working with nature. We assist small-scale farmers in adopting science-based, eco-friendly, regenerative farming practices that renew the soil and increase biodiversity. We research, experiment, and demonstrate regenerative methods, measure the environmental impacts on partner farms as well as our 1,200-acre ranch, and share our knowledge through in-person and online training opportunities.


Our Projects

  • Holistic Management: Learn to manage complexity, the critical importance of plant recovery and how to get your livestock to the right place at the right time with the right behavior
  • Farmer Education: Online, onsite and in the field
  • Farmer Support: Technical support for farmers in their transition to regenerative farming
  • Ecological Outcome Verification: Testing smallholder farmers’ soil and providing guidance in ways to improve their land
  • Research & Development: Innovation, improvement, and introduction of regenerative farming processes and products
cows at Heifer Ranch
Learn more about What is Regenerative Agriculture?.
A woman kneels in a grassy field, holding soil in her hands, as a herd of cows stands behind her.

What Is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture means stewarding the land to create a balanced ecosystem in which the cycles of nature work symbiotically and freely.

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Learn more about Heal the Soil, Heal the World.
A close up shot of hands holding a clump of soil.

Heal the Soil, Heal the World

At Heifer Ranch, the team cares for the animals above the ground as well as those below — the communities of tiny, soil-dwelling creatures that builds the land’s resilience to climate shocks.

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Learn more about Birds and Beavers: Return of Native Species Signals Ecological Resilience at Heifer Ranch.
A beaver builds its dam.

Birds and Beavers: Return of Native Species Signals Ecological Resilience at Heifer Ranch

As the pastures and animals of Heifer Ranch have flourished, native species have prospered alongside them — a welcome indication of a healthy, resilient ecosystem.

Read More About Birds and Beavers: Return of Native Species Signals Ecological Resilience at Heifer Ranch

Our Story

Heifer Ranch is located in Perryville, Arkansas, just 40 miles west of Little Rock, where the Heifer International Headquarters is located. The Ranch is the home of Heifer USA, Heifer International’s program in the United States, and an accredited Hub for the Savory Institute, a world leader in regenerative practices.

Heifer Ranch has been part of Heifer International’s mission to end hunger and poverty while caring for the earth since 1971, when it was used as a breeding, holding, and quarantine center for animals being sent to Heifer projects around the world. When Heifer International began sourcing animals for its projects within the countries it served, the Ranch transitioned to an educational center for visitors to learn about and experience a version of Heifer's global work.

In 2019, Heifer Ranch evolved from facilitating public field trips and a visitors center into a living classroom for farmers to learn about the symbiotic relationship between livestock and the land. Farmer training is also available online. You can access it on Heifer USA’s YouTube Channel.

Our Training

Onsite Training and Events

Holistic management, planned grazing, financial planning, and animal husbandry.

Online Education

Livestream and on-demand videos provide training in regenerative farming methods.

Our Team

Donna Kilpatrick

Director of Regeneration

Christine Hernandez

Livestock Manager

Sam Noble

Poultry Production Specialist

Lizzy Parker

Assistant Rancher

Bailey Egan

Assistant Poultry Production Specialist

Elijah Lansford


Heifer Ranch Center for Regenerative Agriculture is a project of Heifer USA, an accredited Savory Hub, and partners with Regenerate America.



Heifer Ranch Center for Regenerative Agriculture

55 Heifer Rd

Perryville, AR 72126


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