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farmer training

Learn how practicing regenerative agriculture can improve your farm’s profitability while you steward and cultivate the fertility of your land for generations to come.

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Learn best practices to start or expand your own farm enterprise through profitable, regenerative farming. Heifer USA educational experiences are designed for you to train hand-in-hand with our experts and with leaders in the field of regenerative agriculture from around the country.

Heifer Ranch has temporarily suspended in-person training programs due to health and safety concerns. Check back soon!


chicks in the brooder | 43:10

Raising 20,000 Chickens

Discover how to raise chickens as we teach you how to set up a brooder, introduce chicks, maintain a schooner and prepare for winter months.

greenhouse with irrigation system | 7:04

Overhead VS Drip Irrigation

Learn about irrigation techniques used at Heifer Ranch in our certified organic garden – including drip and overhead watering methods. 

pigs in a field | 32:34

Raising 400 Pigs On Pasture

We'll teach you what to do after receiving your piglets! Watch us discuss how to care for your pigs, the impact on the land and how to accurately keep records.

Digital Trainings

Heifer USA offers virtual farmer trainings live from Heifer Ranch as well as on-demand training videos. Led by experts in the field, these trainings cover a wide array of subjects related to regenerative agriculture and best practices for running profitable small- farm enterprises.



We believe the future of farming will be led by hearts and minds from many different walks of life. Our diverse community of volunteers are committed to regenerative agriculture and willingly give months of their lives to support the mission of Heifer USA.


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