Unique gift registry makes worldwide difference

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate milestone events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or graduations? Then consider making a difference in the world by creating a gift registry through Heifer International, a global hunger-fighting organization that provides training and gifts of livestock to struggling families in over 50 countries, including the United States.

Celebrations are a perfect time to contribute to Heifer. Heifer’s gift registry (www.heifer.org/giftregistry) works like a department store registry, but instead of toasters, roasters or dishes, your registry includes gifts of livestock that go to help families around the world become self reliant for food and income.

Through Heifer’s gift registry, you can create a custom page to display your photo and a statement that tells why you support Heifer and asks friends and family to join in the effort to end hunger and poverty. Gift selections can include chickens, sheep, goats, dairy cows, honeybees and other food and income-producing animals.

Through Heifer’s gift registry, your friends and family can read about exactly what their gift will provide to families in need. And you are able to see who has contributed, allowing you to easily keep track of gifts and thank-yous.

Whether you are just starting out on a new adventure or are celebrating years of marriage, or you just don’t want anymore stuff for your birthday or Christmas, using Heifer’s gift registry is a great way to let people know that you care enough to make a difference in the world.

Browse through others’ gift registries at www.heifer.org/giftregistry, and see why people like Susan Sarandon get excited about this easy-to-use, feel-good, gift registry that will bring long term solutions to some of the millions of families trapped in poverty.

Heifer’s mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the earth. For more than 65 years, Heifer International has provided livestock and environmentally sound agricultural training to improve the lives of those who struggle daily for reliable sources of food and income.

Since 1944 it has helped 62 million people through training in livestock development and livestock gifts that multiply. Every gift of an animal provides direct benefits such as milk, eggs, wool, fertilizer, and indirect benefits that increase family incomes for better housing, nutrition, health care and school fees for children. Recipients “Pass on the Gift” of offspring of their cows, goats and other livestock to others in an ever-widening circle of hope.