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Are you completely unprepared for Valentine's Day 2015? Don’t panic! There is still time to find a treat that will brighten your special someone’s day. But instead of making a last-minute dash to the drugstore, try one of these simple gifts that can actually help make the world a better place. 

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Buy a Boquet that Helps Heifer

Where is the nearest florist? Are florists even a thing anymore? Save yourself the trouble of answering these questions and buy flowers from Not only can they deliver in time for Valentine's Day, but from now until March 31st, when you shop through this link10% of your purchase will be donated to Heifer! How easy is that?

Find Ethically Sourced Chocolate

Instead of opting for a heart-shaped box of mystery candy, consider purchasing chocolate that is certified Fair Trade. Fair Trade companies are obligated to pay cocoa farmers a fair price for their crops and to provide them with safe working conditions. Here are a few brands of chocolate that are Fair Trade certified (and absolutely delicious).

Many of these (and others) are available at your local grocery store!

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Add an Eco-friendly Valentine 

Botanical PaperWorks produces cards that are completely eco-friendly by making paper from post-consumer material and wild flower seeds. That's right, their cards are made of plantable paper! On February 15th, your guy or gal can simply plant their Valentine's card, wait for the flowers to grow and enjoy the blossoms of your mutual love/friendship/complicated relationship! And the local bees will thank you! Botanical PaperWorks carries a range of designs from silly (glance right), to sweet. Check out the rest of their work!

Go Rogue: Give a Heifer Gift

If the above suggestions feel a little too cliché for your personal brand of love, a Heifer gift is the way to go. It's edgy. It's easy. It says "I totally remembered that you are allergic to flowers, chocolate, and conforming to societal norms so I got you this sheep, instead. Happy Valentine's Day."  Take a look at the Heifer Gift Matrix to find the perfect gift for your friend or partner. 

Whether you are spending Valentine's Day with a friend, a loved one or are just relaxing by yourself, I hope that you have a wonderful day. Share some love (or chocolate) with someone who needs it!


Bethany Ivie

Bethany Ivie has been with Heifer International's Little Rock staff since March 2014.