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Our Partners

Heifer International partners with many organizations in an ongoing effort to increase global impact, support value chains, and provide more opportunities than ever for families to lift themselves out of poverty.

Private + Public = IMPACT

The private sector is a powerful engine for economic growth. Through trade, manufacturing, investment and technology, corporations provide opportunities for millions of people in low-income countries to lift themselves out of poverty.

Today, Heifer is scaling up to increase our impact with even more communities. We work with organizations like Danone, Elanco, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and the The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop high impact partnerships that strengthen value chains, engage employees and enhance brand value while building the knowledge, business skills and social capital of our project participants.

Business Impact

  • Expand presence in emerging markets
  • Develop new, market-based business models and enterprises
  • Mitigate risk of supply chain volume and quality problems
  • Access traceable raw materials for quality products
  • Earn trust in communities
  • Develop relationships with local, regional and national government influencers
  • Strengthen brand and reputation
  • Increase employee engagement, morale and loyalty

Social and Environmental Impact

  • Improve farm capacity and productivity
  • Increase income for farmers
  • Improve nutrition and health for families
  • Increase access to sustainable value chains and markets
  • Build knowledge, business skills and social capital
  • Protect natural resources
  • Increase access to livestock and agriculture inputs, services and market information
  • Empower individuals and communities, especially women, through training and leadership development
  • Influence agriculture governance and regulation

To learn more about how Heifer brings unique assets to our corporate, foundation, and government partnerships, please contact our Global Partnerships & Alliances team.

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