Collage of strong women

What’s Stronger Than a Pandemic? People.

Support the determined families we work with as they create innovative responses to today’s challenges.

We’ve all spent the last year adjusting to and overcoming the obstacles brought on by the COVID‑19 pandemic.

But in a world overwhelmed by hardships and hurdles, we’ve let our best qualities shine:
Resilience. Innovation. Persistence. Compassion.

Yet the odds are stacked against the communities we serve

Farmer with mask prepares food

Global poverty is rising for the first time in more than 20 years.

Food and animal feed costs are increasing across the world.

Farm production is down 20% across Africa, with increased waste.

Women are seeing depleted savings and reduced incomes by 50%.

But Our Farmers Are Rising to the Challenge

And there’s reason to hope. At Heifer International, we have a proven history of providing the tools and education needed to give struggling families the resources and opportunities necessary to build resilience and create sustainable futures. Read how communities around the globe are innovating and rebuilding — and how you can help.

Stories of Strength

Learn more about New Tools In Kenya.
Kenya Woman teaching to citizens

New Tools in Kenya

Heifer Kenya agricultural trainings are going remote to reach even the most isolated farmers.

See the Story About New Tools In Kenya
Learn more about Deliveries In Nepal.
Woman holding produce in a field

Deliveries in Nepal

In lockdown, farmers couldn’t sell their produce while consumers lacked food. Enter the agri-ambulance.

See the Story About Deliveries In Nepal
Learn more about Innovation In Ecuador.
Participant sorting produce with a mask on

Innovation in Ecuador

Farmers created a food delivery system for homebound customers, generating nearly $70,000 a month.

See the Story About Innovation In Ecuador
Learn more about Caring In India.
Woman in India administering medicine to a chicken

Caring in India

Essential animal health care workers are keeping livestock healthy — and keeping their families afloat.

See the Story About Caring In India
Learn more about Unlimited in Uganda.
Woman in a mask on dirt road on a motorcycle

Unlimited in Uganda

Refusing to let farmers suffer, Leah Amongi bought a motorbike to deliver critical farming supplies.

See the Story About Unlimited in Uganda
Learn more about Donations In Bangladesh.
Women in Bangladesh holding food supplies

Donations in Bangladesh

Cooperatives are dipping into savings to help donate food supplies to community members.

See the Story About Donations In Bangladesh

Help us continue our fight against the pandemic.

Your donation gives families the education, resources and opportunities needed to create innovative responses to the challenges brought on by COVID-19 — and escape hunger and poverty once and for all. 

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