Frequently Asked Questions about Honor Cards & Ecards

What choices do I have for getting Gift Cards to the people I want them for?

We provide several choices for sending recipient gift cards:

  • Send e-mail Gift Cards - If you have the e-mail addresses for your friends and family, you can select from several choices of holiday cards to send to them via e-mail.
  • Request Gift Cards by mail - If you would like to order our mail Gift Cards and have them sent to you, please indicate the number of cards you are requesting when ordering from our online catalog (we provide one Gift Card per $10.00 or more donation). All Gift Cards by mail are sent directly to you so that you can personalize and mail them. Gift Cards sent by mail may take two to four weeks to arrive. You can mail your donation to: Heifer International, PO Box 8058, Little Rock, AR 72203-8058.
  • Heifer International will personalize and send Honor Cards for donors, if you provide the card messaging, and recipient's address. These cards normally take 7-10 business days to arrive. To do this, please call 855 9HUNGER (855.948.6437).

My Gift Cards won't print. Help!

The problem may be that you need the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader, that your printer needs to be set to the highest quality of print, or that your printer's resolution is not high enough to print out our cards correctly. Try these suggestions:

  • You may install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader at no cost (go to the Adobe Downloads page.) You may need to restart your computer after installing the software.
  • Please set your printer to the highest quality print setting. If you need help doing this, see your documentation for the printer or visit the website of the manufacturer of your printer.
  • If possible, try to print the card on another printer. We have experienced some problems with printers that do not have high enough resolution to print the cards out correctly.

My Gift Card printed, but the text is weird-looking. What's happening?

This problem exists because of Adobe Acrobat Reader issues. To fix the problem, you may install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader (available through the Adobe Downloads page at no cost.) Please restart your computer after installing the software.

When will my Gift Cards be delivered?

  • Gift Cards By Mail - Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of the Gift Cards to your address that was provided during the ordering process. These Gift Cards are mailed directly to you and not to the recipient.
  • Printable Gift Cards - If you provided an e-mail address during the ordering process, you will receive the links to your cards in the order confirmation e-mail. Please check to see if the link "wrapped" to the next line of text. If this happened, you will click and it will not work. Please enter the entire link in your browser including the crucial numbers at the end that wrapped.
  • E-mail Gift Cards - On the date you selected, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail when the card is sent out to the recipient.

The e-mail card I created was returned to me as "undeliverable" - now what do I do?

If you discover that you filled in an incorrect e-mail address for your gift recipient, e-mail with the correct information.

How do I contact you with Gift Card issues?

If you have questions regarding your Gift Cards, please call us at 855 9HUNGER (855.948.6437) or contact us via e-mail at Most inquiries by e-mail will be answered within two business days; however, during times of heavy e-mail volume, it may take us a little longer to respond.