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After two years of Team Pig and Team Goat dominating the Heifer Bowl matchup, Team Water Buffalo and Team Cow are set to face each other for the third annual Heifer Bowl.

The two teams have been in fierce competition for years, vying for definitive recognition of who has more to offer farmers around the world. While it is yet to be determined which team has made a greater difference, the two teams will have a definitive answer as to who earns the 2016 Heifer Bowl title come February 7. Who decides? You!

Team Water Buffalo
With 1,500 to 2,650 pounds of sheer muscle, Team Water Buffalo boasts a defensive line not to be mocked. The Buffalo have been training for months, and they’re not afraid to get dirty.  

Team Cow
Telling the Water Buffalo to mooooooove out of the way, Team Cow is pawing at the ground, ready to take the field. With their 360-degree vision, Team Cow’s offensive line can see everything playing out on the turf as it happens, helping them to solidify their passing game. Fans around the world have already donned their milk mustaches in support of their spotted friends, ready to bring home the title.

How to Vote
Before you sit down to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, share your team's graphic on Facebook to cast your vote for who should win the Heifer Bowl. Share Team Water Buffalo or Team Cow graphics on Facebook now to cast your vote for who should win the Heifer Bowl. The team with the most votes wins!

Visit Heifer International’s Facebook page to see which team brings home the victory!

Note to all fans: The Heifer Bowl promotes good sportsmanship and respect among fans, players and coaches. Please refrain from bullying the other team through cow tipping or disparaging remarks, such as, “Your mom is a water buffalo.” Such acts will not be tolerated. 


Misti Hollenbaugh

Misti joined the Heifer team as the Global Communications intern in January 2016. She is currently a student at the University of Central Arkansas, where she is studying journalism and English.