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damage in haiti
Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake five years ago, and stands with Nepal during this trying time.

To:  Heifer Nepal
From: Heifer Haiti

Looking at the pictures and videos of the earthquake in Nepal is an instant reminder of what happened to us here in Haiti five years ago.  We remember it very well, like it was yesterday. The dust, the confusion, the tears, the panic, the losses and the desperation thereafter are still in our memory.  We know and can attest to the pain that you and your country are going through.

Amidst the loss and desperation, we Haitians bravely faced the situation together as a nation and held on to this unity, and that is how we emerged strong and resilient from this tragedy. We have no doubt that the Nepalese spirit of love, courage and solidarity will help you and your nation recover from this unfortunate situation as well.

We are here to comfort and assure you that the grounds will stop shaking, the dust will settle, the rubble will be cleared and the memories of those who have lost their lives will be forever honored and celebrated. The world will always remember you and your country as survivors, not victims.

Damage in Nepal has been widespread.

As a country, Haiti has made significant progress to recover and rebuild from the tragedy through preparing for the next natural disaster with public awareness training in disaster and risk reduction strategies, and we continue to be committed to improve our economy and reduce poverty.

Heifer Haiti offers our deepest sympathy and condolences to each one of you and your family, as well as our heartfelt support in rebuilding a stronger Nepal.

You can help Nepal recover and rebuild by donating to our Disaster Rehabilitation Fund. 


Pamela Nyaga

Pamela Nyaga completed her bachelor’s in Communication and Public Relations at Moi University in Kenya. She is currently pursuing a master’s in International Development. She lives in Haiti with her husband and daughter. She is passionate about creative writing that helps make a difference in the world. She takes pleasure in reading, traveling, fashion and playing tennis.