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A grave question lies before the survivors in Nepal: What next?

People have lost their loved ones, their life’s belongings and their livelihoods. Under such dire circumstances, how does one rebuild their life? In an agricultural country like Nepal, livestock are seen as a living savings account. Many people now have an uncertain future with the loss of their livestock, while others have at least something they can depend on for food and income.

Nepal Earthquake Photo Report

Images of how families are coping post-earthquake


 Heifer has provided relief materials including tents, tarps, foam mattress rolls, ropes, and other temporary housing supplies to 13,890 families. We will remain focused on providing these supplies to another 8,000 families in five more districts through the end of this week so that families will have shelter to last through the upcoming monsoon season that typically lasts from June through September.

Going forward, Heifer will begin focusing on recovery and rehabilitation, including caring for livestock among other efforts. 


Alina Karki

Alina Karki serves as Communication and Networking Officer for Heifer Nepal. She joined Heifer as an intern in 2012 and worked briefly with the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluations team before joining the Communications department. With Heifer she tells inspiring stories of everyday heroes.