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Osvaldo Clavo transformed his family's farm from a single-crop coffee farm to one teeming with biodiversity with gifts of livestock and training from Heifer International Peru.

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In Cajarmarca, Peru, where Osvaldo and his family live, relying on one crop for income is a common and risky way of life. In the case of coffee, insects and coffee rust can quickly ruin crops. After receiving training from Heifer International, Osvaldo began raising guinea pigs, honeybees and a garden. With diversified farming, he achieved year-round food security, created multiple sources of income and provided additional nutrition for his family.

Diversified Farming - Peru Anastacio Manayay Calderón, 23, and his wife Nicolasa Reyes Vilcabana, 23, participate in a tree planting project in the Village of Cueva Blanca, Peru. Anastacio said “We used to grow our plants with chemical fertilizers, but we couldn’t keep them for very long because they would rot. Now with organic fertilizer the vegetables last longer and taste better.” Photo by Jake Lyell, courtesy of Heifer International


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Chelsey McNiel