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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of 18 members:

  • Three Covenant Agency Directors, representing various faith-based groups;
  • Thirteen at-large directors, holding board-specific skill sets. At least one director resides in each of the international program areas where Heifer carries out its work; and
  • The Chair and Vice-Chair of Heifer International Foundation's Board of Trustees.
Heifer International Board of Directors, March 2014
Pictured from left to right, Front Row: Ben Cohen, Susan Grant, Johnson Nkuuhe, Francine Anthony, Andrew Kang Bartlett, Esther Cohen, Arlene Withers, Eduardo Stein. Back Row: Susan Godden, Nikolaus Hutter, Pete Kappelman, George Petty, Jay Wittmeyer, Ashley Stone, Pierre Ferrari, Jerry Jones, Norm Doll. Not pictured: Canagasaby Devendra.

All Directors come from a wide range of backgrounds in the business, agriculture, academic and private sectors.

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