Stories of Reslience Emerging After the Nepal Earthquake

Since the initial quake on April 25, and in the days following the second quake on May 12, we received stories recalling what Heifer participants experienced, how they’re coping and what lies ahead. Here are a few that paint the picture of life in the devastated areas of Nepal.

How One Cow Creates a Lifetime of Capital

“[Heifer] builds your capacity and trains you. They follow-up and make sure things are going according to plan. Heifer gives you the complete package of animal husbandry training,” Evariste said. “When Heifer says they are going to help, they actually deliver. When an individual does their part, Heifer will...

Rebuilding Nepal and the Need for Sustainable Programs

Just when things were starting to get back to normal, 16 days after a massive earthquake hit Nepal another major earthquake struck on Tuesday, May 12. Tupache Village in Nuwakot district was severely affected. Once a vibrant community, Tupache now looks more like a war zone.