An Unexpected Role Reversal

Prior to the roll out of the Project for the Enhancement of Livelihoods in Northern Brong Ahafo (PENLILOBA), gender inequalities were so entrenched in this area of Ghana that mere discussion of gender issues in public by women was considered taboo.

Help Honor Heifer's History

Seventy years ago this summer, the first shipment of heifers was sent overseas to aid hungry families in Puerto Rico. It was the start of what became one of Heifer International’s oldest and most thrilling stories.

Heifer Leader Inspires Change

As Country Director for Heifer Cambodia, Keo Keang makes building the capacity of women her first priority so that they can become community leaders and change the futures for their children, just as her mother did for her.

A Second Chance in China

Meet Liang Yunah, a female farmer from China. She is just one example of how women in Heifer projects are inspiring change in their communities, and a perfect farmer to feature in advance of International Women's Day 2014.