Worldbuilders Shows Us How To #BilboItUp

HOLY COW! Worldbuilders has raised more than a million dollars for Heifer in this year’s fundraiser–and they're extending the deadline to do a $200,000 match for Haiti in an amazing demonstration of what it means to Bilbo it up for a better world.

Evaluations Help Us Deliver on Our Promises

2015 was declared by the United Nations and others as the International Year of Evaluation. Heifer International is committed to evaluation, through which we expect to gain evidence on whether or not our programs are delivering on the promise of helping families and communities end their own hunger and...

A+ Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Teacher

Why not honor your favorite teacher with a gift from Heifer this holiday season? With the option of a beautiful honor card, a Heifer gift stands perfectly fine on its own. It represents a life-changing gift for someone else. And it can be fun to pair that Heifer honor...

Author Jacqueline Carey Talks World Building

Best-selling author Jacqueline Carey knows a little about world building. She talks about the intersection what fantasy authors like herself and Patrick Rothfuss do in writing and the real-world community building that Heifer projects accomplish.