Discovering Joy at Mount Meru

by Amy Carterpart 2 of 2From the Kitomari home we traveled more than one very bumpy hour in Land Cruisers up the slope of a dormant volcano named Mount Meru. At an elevation of 6,000 feet above sea level, we were still only at the base of the

Passing On The Gift...And The Knowledge

Ndeianiswa Kitomari (left foreground) and others pump water at her farm in Tanzania. Photo by Kate Merrill. by Amy Carterpart 1 of 2 Ndeianiswa Kitomari stands tall and silent. She has just arrived home from church on this Sunday, striking in

Size Isn't Everything

Photo from flickr/~Duncan~. Creative Commons. Eating your veggies may not be the cure-all it once was. That's because today's fruits and vegetables appear to have fewer nutrients than produce once had, according to an article

Where Dire Need is Plentiful

Story and photos by Puja Singh The true face of poverty stares you in the face in Rautahat. In the eastern plains of Nepal, dire need and scarcity is plentiful. Scattered along what can be defined as roads, are huts. Made of mud plastered in dried

Advances for Women in India

Good piece in the NYTimes today (the Fashion section, no less) about Kakuben Lalabhai Parmar, an artisan from India whose story embodies "a half-century of global feminism and the evolutionary arc of modern India." “My group was treated as

Baking Bread in Armenia

One of my favorite shots by photographer Russell Powell from a recent trip to Armenia. Norik Sahakyan is lighting a pit oven used to bake lavash, a traditional Armenian bread. Look for a feature about Heifer Armenia's unique youth

Hunger in America

Photo from Flickr/StevenBrisson. Creative Commons. "Hunger in America is complicated. It's not just getting enough food, but getting the right food — and making the right choices." That's the premise of a two-part NPR story

Summer Vacation Vocation

Photo from Flickr/mamichan. Creative Commons. The most recent NYTimes magazine had a piece about Alexandra Reau, a Michigan teen who turned her family's backyard into a mini-farm:"Now in its second season, her Garden to Go

What's for Dinner ... 30 Years From Now?

So what will the world's food system look like in the next 30 years? If Ellen Gustafson, co-founder of FEED and creator of The 30 Project has anything to say about it, it'll look drastically different than it does today. Check out her TED video

Withering Interest in Some Urban Farmers Markets

The Chicago Tribune has a story out today about how a few new farmers markets in low-income and ethnic communities are struggling. "They've learned that offering fresh produce and educating people about the environmental advantages of locally grown