A Thankful Community

Bolvina and German at their kitchen table with the bounty of the earth produced with Heifer's help. Honey, pollen, bees wax products, potatoes, and corn - all natural and delicious. by Steve Stirling Peru Day 5 - Pomacanchi district San Juan

The Good That Comes From Wool

Ignacia Quispe (right) at the Tinke Community in Peru Day 4: Tinke Community Project Visit Today we visited with Martin and Ignacia Quispe and their 5 children (4 boys and 1 girl). This community has been working with Heifer for five years.

You Can Go Away for Good

Another great article from the latest issue of World Ark magazine. In "Go Away for Good," Lauren Wilcox explores the rise and ramifications of voluntourism--the combination of tourism and volunteering: “For those who want to become more

Well Worth the Drive

Monique Wherry is part of a contingent visiting Heifer projects in Peru this week. She sends this great photo and the report below from the field where Heifer is working with local partners to improve alpaca farming, market access and food

Self Reliance at 12,000 Feet

Steve Stirling, Heifer International executive vice president of Marketing and Resource Development, is traveling in Peru this week with Jim DeVries and Oscar Castaneda, Heifer’s executive vice president of International Programs and vice

Kris Allen Fans: You're Alright with Heifer

Kris Allen at the One Day Without Shoes For Rwanda Barefoot Bash at Heifer Village in April. Alright with Moo, you're alright with us. Heifer has been astounded by the outpouring of support Kris Allen fans have shown us in their effort to honor

An Ark for Adam

Eva Amurri and Adam Lambert at the January Critics Choice Awards after party in Hollywood. Heifer International is the official Cause Partner to the Broadcast Film Critics Association. If you're following this blog, you likely heard that some Kris

Crazy About Bees

by Christian DeVries Santiago Morales-Mata is crazy about bees. Twenty-six years ago he received his first hive but he knew nothing bees, but after years of trial and error he got better. In 2002 he joined a Heifer bee project. He still had

Child's Play in Guatemala

In La Union, in Guatemala's northeastern jungle, a community displaced during the long and bloody civil war has returned from its 14-year temporary home in Mexico to reclaim its Guatemalan roots. Although the land they live on now is far from the

The Buzz on Bees

Where have all the bees gone? It's been a hot news topic for the last few years--our honeybees and other natural pollinators are disappearing en masse. While scientists struggle to understand the phenomenon, some small farmers