Haiti Day One

Photo by Bryan Clifton Charles Stewart (center in orange) interim CEO, joins Heifer staff at the Les Cayes, Haiti office on Monday, the first official day of meetings and visits. "I'd like to thank our colleagues at Heifer Haiti for receiving

Headed for Haiti

A Heifer delegation including interim CEO Charles Stewart leaves Sunday for Port au Prince and Les Cayes, Haiti, for a week of visits with longtime and new partners and Heifer participants all working together to improve living conditions in the

Plumpy'Nut, or Not

NYT Magazine has a story about Plumpy’Nut, a high-calorie, peanut butter-like paste distributed after disasters, in this case, post-quake Haiti. But not everybody loves Plumpy'Nut. We at World Ark spoke with nutritionist and real-food

Making Do in Africa

Last weekend was Maker Faire Africa, a gathering of “makers”—inventors, retoolers, upcyclers, etc.—from across the continent that celebrated small-scale innovation and ingenuity, held this year in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s the

Nourish: Food + Community

by Kirk Bergstrom The Story of Your Food Do you ever stop and wonder: What's the story of my food? Where did it come from, and how did it get to me? If so, we invite you to join actress Cameron Diaz, best-selling author Michael Pollan, healthy

A Quiz

What animal kills more people than any other? If you've vacationed anywhere that requires those dizziness-inducing anti-malarials lately, you probably already know. Pesky mosquitoes are far more than just pesky. For the million people each year who

What's Going On?

Any guess as to what this man from a Heifer project in southern Mexico is doing? Leave your guess and check back Friday morning for the answer. UPDATE: In the photo below, Neftali Guellen is wetting down mushroom "logs"—blocks of organic

Go Away, For Good

Did you read the World Ark article about "voluntourism"? Check it out before it's shunted off to the archives. "For those who want to become more engaged in hunger and poverty work, educational travel can be an invaluable tool. 'Nothing beats

The Roma: A People Apart

The news broke last week that France had begun dismantling Roma settlements around the country and expelling the inhabitants. (The Roma are an ethnic group also known as Gypsies, a term which is both erroneous and offensive to many.) The expelled