Beatrice: Small Inputs, Big Outcomes

Beatrice (right) at Clinton School ceremony. On Saturday I saw something that made me feel great: Beatrice Biira walked across the stage, receiving her masters degree from the Clinton School of Public Service. Many people are familiar with her

Company Vegetable Gardens

According to a story in the NYTimes, vegetable gardens at workplaces are making a comeback. As companies have less to spend on raises, health benefits and passes to the water park, a fashionable new perk is emerging: all the carrots and zucchini

Heifer Armenia: "Never Been Better"

Photo by Russell Powell METS SARIAR, Armenia--In a small village in northwest Armenia, just 10 miles from the Turkey border, we met an older couple, Robert and Zare Azizbekyan. They are members of the Heifer project here. They stopped preparing

Is the AIDS War Lost?

The New York Times took a close look at the fight against AIDS in Uganda this week and found "the war on AIDS is falling apart." For the first time, clinics in Uganda are turning people away, telling them there simply aren't enough money and

Heifer Armenia Youth Projects

Video by Russell Powell Sixteen-year-old Karen Khachatryan bonds with a day-old calf. Karen (pronounced CAR-en) is a member of a Heifer youth project in Areni, Armenia. He received a cow in 2006, which has since given birth to two calves. Karen

Word from Heifer Nepal after Maoist strike

Heifer Nepal's Communication and Networking Officer Puja Singh sends in this post from Kathmandu, where a six-day strike shut all businesses and schools under threat of violence from the Maoist Party, which demanded the prime minister and his

Armenia, Past and Present

World Ark senior editor Jaman Matthews and photographer Russell Powell are visiting Heifer projects in Armenia. They will be checking in from the field and posting photos and stories. YEREVAN, Armenia -- Armenia is a small land-locked country at

Giving Women a Voice in Peru

The following post was written by Heifer volunteer Sandi Watson, and first appeared on our blog for Boston area volunteers. Sandi was part of a group that visited Heifer projects in Peru last month, and you can read her posts about the trip

A Fighting Chance

Manong Leonardo Cacap Manong = the first born, the big brother He goes by Narding. Gayang, his home town, is in the mountains—a small village without… steady jobs good roads any education that would make a difference “I dreamt of

Is Aid Money Well Spent?

Yesterday, CNN featured on their website development economist and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of poverty alleviation Esther Duflo as part of Ted Talk Tuesdays. Duflo spoke at the TED2010 conference in February. The lead