Heifer Tanzania Staff Aid Albinos

Heifer Tanzania Communications Coordinator Richard Bugaisa contributed to this story. Passing on the Gift doesn't just happen in the villages where Heifer works around the world. It's an idea that also inspires Heifer staff to give of themselves

Mikumi National Park, Tanzania-- Baboons!

Twice on our way to Heifer Tanzania field visits we passed through the Mikumi National Park. The highway stretches for 30 miles directly through the park, with signs such as this one on either side. I was hopeful to see more giraffes, and was

Stone Age Wonders

As the sun began to set on Wednesday evening, Peter swung our Heifer vehicle into a clearing marked from the highway from Njombe to Iringa by a tiny blue hand-written sign: Isimila Old Stone Age site. We had just finished our last interview of

Study Tour Offers Up Close Look at India

I’ve really enjoyed reading Annie’s updates from her recent trip to India, where she visited Heifer projects in Rajasthan. She shared her first-hand accounts of the difference Heifer’s model of training, empowerment and Passing

Seeing Green

Photo by Flickr/Michael Caven The NYTimes has a piece on the business of Earth Day. What began 40 years ago, largely as a protest against the lack of corporate and governmental responsibility toward the environment, has

Musician Lissie Plays Well with Heifer

Singer-songwriter Lissie recently talked with the music/cause blog Plays Well With Others about her music and her love for Heifer International. Check out Lissie's music and hear her talk about her family's tradition of giving Heifer gifts for the

Giraffes in Tanzania

We have our hard-working Heifer staff in Mbeya to thank for opening the office late on a weekend (about 9 p.m. Saturday here) so we could share video footage from our field visit to Tanzania. On the way to a Maasai women's camel project northwest

Maasai Women Milk a Camel

Donna Stokes is managing editor for Heifer International's magazine, World Ark. The past two weeks she's shared experiences from her visit to projects in Tanzania. You can read her previous posts here. We have our hard-working Heifer staff to

He Went to Jail for Heifer

Photo by Dave Anderson Heifer Tanzania is the first country in Africa to offer fish-farming projects, and it's been both a challenge and a blessing for those with the pluck to give it a try. Nicholas Mwakabele built his ponds in 2003 and

Bono on the End of Aid

Bono had a great op-ed in Saturday's New York Times introducing us to some of the most important players in African development--business people, artists and activist who are working toward a new kind of hope. Toward the end of the piece Bono