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A Study Tour Reflection by Kelly Keena Evident by the introduction of the group to the community was not only the gratitude for Heifer’s gift, but the intensity of what comes from within communities and individuals. The president of the

Wake Up!

by WorldLink staff How can we help our kids avoid the temptation of addictive junk food? In this clip from the Nourish Video Encyclopedia, pediatrician Nadine Burke explains how our junk food habit has contributed to an epidemic of obesity and

Bill and Melinda Gates on "60 Minutes"

Bill and Melinda Gates were featured on "60 Minutes" last night, in a segment called "Giving Away a Fortune": "The Gates have shunned publicity for the most part. But, recently, Melinda Gates agreed to travel around the globe to show '60 Minutes'

Malaria's Effect on HIV Infection Rates

Why is it that 70 percent of the world's HIV-infected people live in sub-Saharan Africa? Could malaria be the culprit? According to recent article in AIDS, a scholarly journal, new research would suggest so. From a synopsis of the research that

Straight Talk on Hunger

David Lambert, principal of Lambert Associates of Washington, D.C., and a consultant to United Nations agencies, universities and the private sector on global food security, food safety and agricultural biotechnology, pulled no punches in a recent

Heifer Mexico Staff Safe Following Landslides

Diana Partida, Heifer International’s Mexico country administrator, has reported to headquarters that all organizational staff as well as Heifer partner staff is safe following devastating landslides early Tuesday in the Mexican state of

No Free Lunch

by WorldLink staff ?Do you think it’s worth paying more for food if it might mean paying less for health care? In this clip from the Nourish Video Encyclopedia, food journalist Michael Pollan discusses the relationship between cheap food and

Lavash: An Armenian Staple

Video by Russell Powell A short video from Armenia of a mother and daughter baking lavash, the ubiquitous flatbread eaten with every meal. The hole in the center is the oven—basically a cylindrical chimney set in the ground. A fire is built