The Walk for Water

Video by Geoff Oliver Bugbee Fatou Dione walks in oven-hot wind churning with dust to fetch water for her husband and four children. It’s the dry season in her village of Diarrere in Senegal, and both water and food are running low. The

Measuring the Fight Against Poverty

Photo courtesy The May 17 edition of the New Yorker profiles Esther Duflo, an M.I.T. professor of development economics who co-founded the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) in 2003. The article offers insight into the

The Money Man of Fandene

Photos by Geoff Oliver Bugbee Thirty-year-old Clarice Tine has biceps Madonna would die for, plus she’s got her hands on the money. Tine is the treasurer for the Fandene community group near Thies in Senegal. Her group is

Dil Maya Learns to Read

Our Nepal-based communications officer Puja Singh sends this video from the field. During a recent visit to Nepal's Chitwan District, Heifer International COO Steve Denne met Dil Maya Chepang. Her family received goats and training through a

Crop Mob

Volunteers help build a chicken coop at Felder Farm in Little Rock, AR The idea of crops mobs has been getting some press lately (most notably in the NY Times). The idea is pretty simple: landless farmers, gardeners, and wannabe farmers get

Beatrice: Small Inputs, Big Outcomes

Beatrice (right) at Clinton School ceremony. On Saturday I saw something that made me feel great: Beatrice Biira walked across the stage, receiving her masters degree from the Clinton School of Public Service. Many people are familiar with her

Company Vegetable Gardens

According to a story in the NYTimes, vegetable gardens at workplaces are making a comeback. As companies have less to spend on raises, health benefits and passes to the water park, a fashionable new perk is emerging: all the carrots and zucchini

Heifer Armenia: "Never Been Better"

Photo by Russell Powell METS SARIAR, Armenia--In a small village in northwest Armenia, just 10 miles from the Turkey border, we met an older couple, Robert and Zare Azizbekyan. They are members of the Heifer project here. They stopped preparing

Is the AIDS War Lost?

The New York Times took a close look at the fight against AIDS in Uganda this week and found "the war on AIDS is falling apart." For the first time, clinics in Uganda are turning people away, telling them there simply aren't enough money and

Heifer Armenia Youth Projects

Video by Russell Powell Sixteen-year-old Karen Khachatryan bonds with a day-old calf. Karen (pronounced CAR-en) is a member of a Heifer youth project in Areni, Armenia. He received a cow in 2006, which has since given birth to two calves. Karen