Kris Allen Fans: You're Alright with Heifer

Kris Allen at the One Day Without Shoes For Rwanda Barefoot Bash at Heifer Village in April. Alright with Moo, you're alright with us. Heifer has been astounded by the outpouring of support Kris Allen fans have shown us in their effort to honor

An Ark for Adam

Eva Amurri and Adam Lambert at the January Critics Choice Awards after party in Hollywood. Heifer International is the official Cause Partner to the Broadcast Film Critics Association. If you're following this blog, you likely heard that some Kris

Crazy About Bees

by Christian DeVries Santiago Morales-Mata is crazy about bees. Twenty-six years ago he received his first hive but he knew nothing bees, but after years of trial and error he got better. In 2002 he joined a Heifer bee project. He still had

Child's Play in Guatemala

In La Union, in Guatemala's northeastern jungle, a community displaced during the long and bloody civil war has returned from its 14-year temporary home in Mexico to reclaim its Guatemalan roots. Although the land they live on now is far from the

The Buzz on Bees

Where have all the bees gone? It's been a hot news topic for the last few years--our honeybees and other natural pollinators are disappearing en masse. While scientists struggle to understand the phenomenon, some small farmers

On Heifer's Birthday, a Challenge for You

A young Dan West had come up with the idea of Heifer while distributing powdered milk to desperate people displaced by the Spanish Civil War. These people need not a cup, but a cow, he said. Today Heifer turns 66. On June 18, 1944, the first

The Other Volcano

While a lot of people were fixated on the Icelandic volcano that was disrupting air traffic throughout Europe, Guatemala had its own huge troubles to deal with. Pacaya erupted on May 5 and spouted grainy black sand for an 85-mile radius. Guatemala

Farther Than We Could Ever Imagine

by Christian DeVries Parents always want their children to have a better life. Often this is accomplished through education, allowing the next generation to escape poverty’s tenacious grip. Maria is 14 years old and lives with her mother

How Green is Meat?

To eat meat or not is a debate environmentalists have been hashing out for decades. Everyone agrees that no meat from a feedlot is good for the environment, but many believe that livestock play a crucial role in creating diverse forms of