It's World Egg Day!

The second Friday of October is World Egg Day, and that's today. To celebrate, we thought we'd regale you with some incredible facts about eggs, like the fact that China produces 160 billion eggs each year. And egg yolks are one of the few foods

Can Technology Save East Africa?

I’ll let Mark Graham (links to Graham's blog), a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, do the talking. From his blog post earlier today on The Guardian’s Poverty Matters blog: "East Africa is in the process of reinventing

Honey, They're on to Something

Army scientists and bee experts who teamed up to figure out why so many bees are mysteriously dying announced a big breakthrough this week. They believe a fungus and virus working together may be responsible for colony collapse disorder, which is a

Can Online Games Help End Hunger?

EVOKE is (was?) an online social game that bills itself as a “ten-week crash course in changing the world.” Produced by the World Bank Institute, it is free and available in a low-bandwidth version, meaning ostensibly that anybody

Heifer Malawi: Innovative Pest Management

The Malawi Smallholder Dairy Development Project, a three-year project funded by Heifer International and USAID, is trying a unique approach to pest management called the “push-pull technology.” Push-pull, first used in the late 1980s,

Bigness here.

A Study Tour Reflection by Kelly Keena Evident by the introduction of the group to the community was not only the gratitude for Heifer’s gift, but the intensity of what comes from within communities and individuals. The president of the

Wake Up!

by WorldLink staff How can we help our kids avoid the temptation of addictive junk food? In this clip from the Nourish Video Encyclopedia, pediatrician Nadine Burke explains how our junk food habit has contributed to an epidemic of obesity and

Bill and Melinda Gates on "60 Minutes"

Bill and Melinda Gates were featured on "60 Minutes" last night, in a segment called "Giving Away a Fortune": "The Gates have shunned publicity for the most part. But, recently, Melinda Gates agreed to travel around the globe to show '60 Minutes'