Kid Tested, Locavore Approved

The New York Times and The Heifer Blog both chimed in recently about Plumpy'nut, a sweet, foil-wrapped nutritional supplement given to children in crisis situations who need quick energy and a nutrient boost. Great idea, right? But food guru Marion

Where is Haiti?

All of these posts about Haiti got us to wondering: Do people even know where Haiti is? It's closer than you might think—in the Caribbean just southeast of Cuba and east of Jamaica. And at bottom, a map showing where Heifer International is

The Beauty of Haiti

Photos by Donna Stokes The images of the devastation of the earthquake in Port au Prince don't begin to tell the whole story of Haiti. A stunning, curving coastline gives way to mountains beyond mountains, crops, homes and businessses. The

World Giving Index

The World Giving Index is out. Compiled by the Charities Aid Foundation, it's the largest study of charitable giving around the world. The U.S. ranks fifth in the world, behind Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Canada (and tied with Switzerland).

Twinkie vs. Carrot

by WorldLink staff Why does a simple bunch of carrots cost more than a package of Twinkies? In this video from the Nourish Video Encyclopedia, best-selling author Michael Pollan investigates this question and its effect on our health and

Celebration in Saut Mathurine

Photo and video by Bryan Clifton Just a glimpse of our welcome to the community of Saut Mathurine, which defies description, though I'll try. From two miles out, dozens of Heifer and partner OPS participants greeted our three Heifer SUVs with

Working in Haiti

The most recent numbers available are from 1995. I have seen more current guesstimates that put the portion of the Haitian labor force engaged in agriculture closer to 75 percent. And that was before the earthquake, when thousands fled the cities

Haiti Day One

Photo by Bryan Clifton Charles Stewart (center in orange) interim CEO, joins Heifer staff at the Les Cayes, Haiti office on Monday, the first official day of meetings and visits. "I'd like to thank our colleagues at Heifer Haiti for receiving

Headed for Haiti

A Heifer delegation including interim CEO Charles Stewart leaves Sunday for Port au Prince and Les Cayes, Haiti, for a week of visits with longtime and new partners and Heifer participants all working together to improve living conditions in the

Plumpy'Nut, or Not

NYT Magazine has a story about Plumpy’Nut, a high-calorie, peanut butter-like paste distributed after disasters, in this case, post-quake Haiti. But not everybody loves Plumpy'Nut. We at World Ark spoke with nutritionist and real-food