Gifts That Help Mothers Around the Globe

Today on the Kindness Blog, USA Today's Christie Garton has a great post titled, "Mother's Day gift ideas that give back." She makes the case for alternative gifts as a way we can honor the women who make such a difference in our lives. Christie

A Hallelujah Moment

Photo by Donna Stokes Video by Dave Anderson On a sunny Sunday afternoon midway through our travels, we flew past this Tanzanian Assemblies of God Itunduma Church congregation rocking out to electric guitars

Return from Tanzania

"A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles." — Tim Cahill Heifer Tanzania camel project beneficiary Timothy Sheghere Mgonja's mother, Sifa, is 91 years old in a country where the average life expectancy is the mid-50s for both

Welcome to the Food Revolution

This short trailer gets my blood moving. For those who liked Food Inc., but wanted more solutions, take a look at the recent PBS special and short film, Nourish: Food + Community.

Got a Few Seconds to Volunteer?

Everyone stays busy these days, and carving out a whole day or even a whole hour to volunteer can seem next to impossible sometimes. Lucky for you, Jacob Colker is on the case. Colker is one of six young people earning a spot in the 2010 Rolex

Haiti, History and Hypotheses

Photo from Flickr/blacque jacques (Creative Commons) A short piece in the latest Scientific American contends that historical records can be read like data from a grand experiment. History is a science, says author Michael Shermer,

Heifer's Superwoman

Photo by Dave Anderson I dare you to find a Heifer participant who has done more for her family, her village, her Heifer dairy cows and farm education throughout her country and Africa than Huruma Mhapa of Ibumila village in the Njombe district

World Ark behind the scenes

Photos by Richard Bugaisa, Peter Mwakabwale, Heifer Tanzania Photographer Dave Anderson loved every bumpy mile of Tanzania. An inveterate road-tripper by nature, Dave was blown away not only with the natural beauty of the country (and all the

Grave 2 — Developers 0: A Tanzanian mystery

Photo by Dave Anderson Just a few feet off the road between Njombe and Iringa, Tanzania, only a mile or two from the Isimila Stone Age site, lies a gravesite with supernatural powers known to all in the region. When Country Director Peter

Heifer Tanzania Staff Aid Albinos

Heifer Tanzania Communications Coordinator Richard Bugaisa contributed to this story. Passing on the Gift doesn't just happen in the villages where Heifer works around the world. It's an idea that also inspires Heifer staff to give of themselves