Mangroves & Oysters Mean Hope for Thailand

Project participants hold representative oysters at today's Passing on the Gift ceremony in Phuket, Thailand Late last night - while most of us in this hemisphere were sleeping - a delegation from Heifer's US headquarters attended a Passing on

Fair Trade

How does food connect us to the global community? In this clip from the Nourish Video Encyclopedia, author Anna Lappé and chef Bryant Terry discuss how choosing Fair Trade products helps support farmers around the world. Celebrate World Fair

Smallholder Farmers Are the Answer

Farmers pedal away after delivering milk to the Kiboga West Livestock Cooperative chilling plant in Uganda. Today on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation blog, Bill Gates makes a powerful statement: Smallholder farmers are the solution to the

Feeling the "buzz" at SCAA

The premiere of “After the Harvest” last week at the SCAA Symposium and exposition ended up generating quite the buzz. During hallway chats and coffee breaks, and there were many, it was clear that the documentary woke some

Nadine Burke: My Food Journey

How has your relationship to food and health evolved over the years? In this clip from the Nourish Video Encyclopedia, pediatrician Nadine Burke discusses her personal food journey, and how she learned that eating well can be fun. Dr. Nadine

Heifer Ranch Gets Back on Its Feet

In this video Heifer Learning Centers director Michelle Dusek Izaguirre talks about the recent storm damage at Heifer Ranch, the overwhelming support from those who are helping in the cleanup, and the plans to reopen the Ranch today - just one week

Optimism in the Wake of the Storm

This morning it was my privilege to work alongside about a dozen of my colleagues from Heifer International headquarters, picking up limbs and debris left by the recent severe storms that hit Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas. We joined forces

Heifer Malawi Launches Bua Milk Cooling Centre

Photo contributed by Heifer Malawi program development manager Victor Mhango Heifer Malawi launched the Bua milk cooling centre in Mchinji yesterday and conducted a POG ceremony for 17 new families of the USAID funded Mchinji Small Scale Dairy

Working Together for a Sustainable Cup of Coffee

This blog is the first in a series I'll share as I attend the Specialty Coffee Association of America on behalf of Heifer International. The SCAA brings together the heavy hitters in the coffee and tea industries to discuss issues like climate