Energized and Heiferized

Photos are from Heifer's Africa Area Program meeting. I know I was just waxing poetic about Heifer's Africa staff, but I hope you'll humor me one more time. I just got back from the Heifer Uganda staff meeting. Folks, these people are

Changing the Way We Look at Rural Development

We all know for sure that Heifer's model works. Millions and millions of farmers and families have increased their standard of living many times over. Seeing it firsthand is amazing; according to Sahr Libbee, VP of the Africa program, it's

The Top 5 Reasons Heifer Africa Rocks.

A few Heifer Africa staff with Uganda's Minister of Finance. It's unfortunate that, just as I'm beginning to get comfortable with Heifer Uganda staff, as well as the other Africa Area Program country directors, it's almost time to leave them. I

Pierre Ferrari Samples Local Yogurt

I took so much video yesterday. We went to three meetings and visited two participant households, and I just about recorded everything. I can't quite even explain how exciting it was to finally see our work in action. And watching Pierre interact

The Casual Conversations

Hanging out with Pierre and our Africa colleagues is a lot of fun. And I've already learned some interesting things. Using biogas slurry from human waste on a vegetable garden is totally fine to do. Water filters constructed of concrete that use

Biogas in Uganda - Any Questions?

Hujambo from Uganda! This afternoon, Dero and I got to visit the Heifer Uganda office. I had the chance to meet a handful of my colleagues and to see where they do their work. A particular treat was meeting Beinempaka Athanasius, who is the

The Storks of Kampala

Leaving the airport in Entebbe, Uganda, last night was an experience all its own. It took a while for us to connect with the taxi driver sent for us, and when he finally found us and walked us to the car, I realized how dark it is here at...

Better Late Than Never

It's 6:30 in the morning in Nairobi. And I'm still in Little Rock, where it's 9:30 at night. Dero and I were thwarted yesterday in our travel attempts because of snow in Atlanta. I know, right? If you're not from the South, you'll have a hard time

Change They Can Influence

by Puja Singh The sari clad women in the hills that skirt the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu gaped in awe at the President of Heifer International. They knew that life had changed a lot for them since they came together in a group to be the