Five Lessons

Nearly a year after the quake, what does Haiti need now? Dr. Paul Farmer, a founder of Partners in Health and an effective advocate for health care in developing nations around the world, offered up some observations in Foreign Policy. His five

Unique Gifts: You Got Me a What?!

There is no box or gift bag in the world that could cover the dramatic lumps and bumps of a dromedary camel long enough to surprise anyone. So let Heifer handle the details and be a part of helping a struggling family overseas. To order a camel or

Tour to Bolivia - Part 2

written by Catherine Scott Filiberto Lopez, his wife Josefina Alvarez, and Domingo Barrios (CEO Heifer Foundation) at the presentation of the Golden Talent Award. “Everything I have done is for my community. That is why I am happy”

Tour to Bolivia - Part 1

written by Catherine Scott Fifteen volunteers and staff from all over the United States traveled to Bolivia to embark on the first ever Heifer Bolivia Study Tour. After landing at nearly 14,000 feet in La Paz, we felt light-headed, but also

Nourish Means...

by WorldLink staff What does “nourish” mean to you? Thanksgiving is a time to pause and reflect on what nourishes us and how we care for our families and communities. In honor of the season, please enjoy this selection from the Nourish

Heifer Experience Video Contest

How can the gift of an animal help someone in poverty achieve self reliance? How would you tell that story in a video and inspire others? The Heifer Experience Video Contest gives you the chance to do just that and win a trip to see it...

Cowbells for Florida!

We would like to congratulate the Brandon First Presbyterian Church on their successful Living Gift Market event which raised over $12,000 in three hours! Keep up the great work! Thank you to Derek Maul for providing the photos.

Microlending Keeps Haitian Businesses Afloat

The microlending industry is getting a lot of scrutiny in India and Bangladesh lately, where critics say the exorbitant interest rates cry out for tighter regulation. But in Haiti, microloans are a shining hope for people who would have otherwise

Heifer Haiti affected by Hurricane

Heifer Haiti Projects affected by Hurricane Tomas in the Southern Region Damages in the houses and propertyIn addition two people died, one in Les Anglais and one in Roche-a-Bateau. 294 persons displaced from Les Anglais and 248 from Saint Jean