What's Going On?

Any guess as to what this man from a Heifer project in southern Mexico is doing? Leave your guess and check back Friday morning for the answer. UPDATE: In the photo below, Neftali Guellen is wetting down mushroom "logs"—blocks of organic

Go Away, For Good

Did you read the World Ark article about "voluntourism"? Check it out before it's shunted off to the archives. "For those who want to become more engaged in hunger and poverty work, educational travel can be an invaluable tool. 'Nothing beats

The Roma: A People Apart

The news broke last week that France had begun dismantling Roma settlements around the country and expelling the inhabitants. (The Roma are an ethnic group also known as Gypsies, a term which is both erroneous and offensive to many.) The expelled

Race, Gender and Income in the U.S.

The latest issue of Pathways, an online magazine from the Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality, just hit inboxes. One interesting tidbit, a recap of a study by Mariko Chang on the median net worth—liquid assets only,

Why Give?

Today is World Humanitarian Day, so we are asking, with all that we face in the world... why give?

The Richness That Lies Below

by Amy Carter “I am going to Tanzania to learn.” That’s what I told people who asked about my upcoming trip. I explained that Heifer International’s study tours are unique educational experiences. I hoped that I would be

The New Land Grab

Over at Poverty News Blog, they're discussing African land grabs—a relatively recent phenomenon where wealthier countries, like the oil emirates of the Persian Gulf, lease agricultural land in Africa or other developing areas on the cheap.

1.02 Billion Chronically Hungry**

While the estimated number of hungry worldwide in 2006 hovered near the 1970 level of about 875,000 people (there was a significant dip from the 1970 to the mid-1990s, but then a rebound), the number of hungry has skyrocketed in recent years to

The Digital Graveyard

Photo by Pieter Hugo, for The New York Times What happens to your old computer when you dump it after two years to get the latest model? It probably gets shipped overseas to a developing country, where it is stripped for