Quinoa Craze Dents Access in Bolivia

Bolivians have lived off the Andean plant quinoa for centuries, but recent "discovery" by nutrition-hungry American and European consumers has hurt access for the small farmers who produce it, says a recent article in the New York Times. A chenopod

World Water Day: Let's Unite for Clean Water

Written in collaboration by Brooke Edwards and Maegan Clark In 1992, the UN designated March 22 of each year as World Water Day. Although Heifer International’s focus is on ending hunger and poverty, clean water (for people and livestock) is

Heifer China: Scenes from CEO Visit

Video by Geoff Oliver Bugbee A whirlwind two-day trip through Heifer projects near Chengdu, China, took CEO Pierre Ferrari and other staff members to visit successful rabbit and pig projects in Dayi and Beichuan County, China, one of the most

Heifer Crew at Top of the World

Photographer Geoff Oliver Bugbee recorded this view of Mount Everest and the Himalayas on his iPhone on a recent flight from Nepal to China during CEO Pierre Ferrari's visit of projects in both countries. I took the still shot below. The flight

How Heifer is Helping the World Feed Itself

Earlier today I posted about a Heifer project participant being included in The Economist's report, The 9 billion-people question: A special report on feeding the world. And if you're keyed in to media coverage of sustainable agriculture, you've

The Economist Mentions Heifer Participant

If you're not a subscriber to The Economist, you might have missed The 9 billion-people question: A special report on feeding the world (February 26, 2011). I had quite the surprise the other day when I sat down to read it: "Hey, I met that

Stand Up for the World's Poor and Hungry

Heifer International works in partnership with and stands for the too-often voiceless poor around the world and is committed to doing all we can to help bring about the end to hunger and poverty and to ensure protection for the earth’s