Nepal: One Letter at a Time

In this classroom in Nepal, the blackboard is made of cement and black paint, and is built into the wall. It was originally built for the Values-based Literacy Program (VBLP) classes. Along with improving their livelihoods with goats and related trainings, the 23 project participants in this village of...

Rwanda: Miracle Cows in Rwanda

After losing everything in the horrible genocidal war that ravaged Rwanda in 1994, Christine Makahumure heard about an organization that was giving out cows. With little else to hope for, she applied for help. And soon after, Christine received her cow from Heifer International. In Rwanda, where a little...

Heifer Zambia Through a Diorama

Photo and video by Geoff Oliver Bugbee In the video above, Heifer Zambia Country Director James Kasongo walks through the stages of a Heifer project, using a diorama outside the main office in Lusaka to explain the changes that occur step by

NYT on Fasting and Budget Cuts

It's worth noting that Food Columnist Mark Bittman of The New York Times joined the fasting trend this week to call attention to U.S. budget proposals that slash programs for the poor and hungry. As he mentions in his Tuesday column "I surprised

Imagine What It Feels Like To Go Hungry

This guest post by Heifer CEO Pierre Ferrari originated on on March 28, 2011. I want to ask you to participate in a brief exercise: Imagine what it feels like to go hungry for a day. Now, imagine what it feels like to go