Hope for a Better Future

Ana with her family's cow, Mariposa, which means "Butterfly" Many poor families are unable to send their children to school. All too often girls are required to give up their education first. Ana lives in Western Honduras with her parents,

Saving the Soil of Africa

We are all, from the president to a newborn child, dependent upon dirt. Soil is the stuff of life and without plentiful and healthy soil civilizations fall, people starve and unfortunately, more often than not, wars break out. It is critical

A Win for Heifer

Heifer International was recently announced as a winner in the first round of Best Practices and Innovations Initiative from InterAction, a coalition of more than 150 humanitarian organizations. A Heifer Zambia project received the award for

The Makings of an Amazing Day

Carmen Suyapa Cruz-Cruz was only 9 years old when her father, like so many other young men, left his family to find work. Edman calls home twice a month, but his family hasn't seen him in 4 years. His wife, Grizelda, is worried. He has been

What Does "Poor" Mean?

Theodore Dalrymple, British author and former physician, has an article, “Sympathy Deformed,” in the spring 2010 issue of City Journal. In it, Dalrymple, a social conservative and critic of the so-called welfare state, looks at modern

Frontina Came at Just the Right Time

by Christian DeVries Sebastian Alvarado-Brizuela with one of the cows (named Frontina) that he received from Heifer When Sebastian came home to find that his wife had left him and abandoned their four children he was shocked. He didn’t

Much More Than a Warm Welcome

Shi Cao Gou Village Welcomes UAA students "Such a generous and beautiful welcome was rather overwhelming. I do not think I was able to capture how touching it was that this village had opened themselves to us and had taken the time to give us an

Beyond Local

Photo from Flickr/acnatta. Creative Commons. We've all heard the mantras, seen the bumper stickers, puzzled over the portmanteaus--"Buy local," "locavores," "glocal." But what if local is not the simple solution we've been told?

The Coming Cassava Famine?

Green leaves of a dense cassava field. Photo from Flickr/DMahendra. Creative Commons. Cassava, an edible tuber that tolerates drought and poor soil, is widely grown in tropical countries from Africa to South America to Asia.

Farewell to Spring

The summer issue of World Ark magazine will hit mailboxes in less than two weeks. Before it does, take a few minutes to revisit the spring issue online. Donna Stokes took us to a women's project in Nepal. Ragan Sutterfield looked at Haiti's pig