On Heifer's Birthday, a Challenge for You

A young Dan West had come up with the idea of Heifer while distributing powdered milk to desperate people displaced by the Spanish Civil War. These people need not a cup, but a cow, he said. Today Heifer turns 66. On June 18, 1944, the first

The Other Volcano

While a lot of people were fixated on the Icelandic volcano that was disrupting air traffic throughout Europe, Guatemala had its own huge troubles to deal with. Pacaya erupted on May 5 and spouted grainy black sand for an 85-mile radius. Guatemala

Farther Than We Could Ever Imagine

by Christian DeVries Parents always want their children to have a better life. Often this is accomplished through education, allowing the next generation to escape poverty’s tenacious grip. Maria is 14 years old and lives with her mother

How Green is Meat?

To eat meat or not is a debate environmentalists have been hashing out for decades. Everyone agrees that no meat from a feedlot is good for the environment, but many believe that livestock play a crucial role in creating diverse forms of

The New World Arks Are Here!

The summer issue of World Ark is in the mail. If you're not subscriber, you can read it all online. The project story this issue is from Thailand, a testimonial to how Heifer's work transformed one man’s life and his village."Thirty years ago,

Avoiding Food Waste

Photo from Flickr/superk8nyc. Creative Commons. The Green Lantern, a regular column at Slate.com that answers environmental questions, takes on the topic of food waste: How much food do Americans waste everyday? One cited report

Sand for dinner?

David Zinczenko, in his Eat This, Not That newsletter for Men's Health magazine, has some fun digging around in the ingredients lists of some common foods in this article. "Simpler is always better. Think about it. Would you rather have your job

Restoring a Richness Lost

I recently visited Luis Acosta.  He was born in the remote community of La Elencia where he has lived for 60 years.  During his lifetime he has seen a lot of change.

Africa's Hope is Soil

Photo: Tim Samoff Africa can feed itself, if only it pays attention to its soil. This is the argument put forward by Pedro Sanchez, one of the world's leading agricultural scientists and World Food Prize winner. Sanchez

Hope for a Better Future

Ana with her family's cow, Mariposa, which means "Butterfly" Many poor families are unable to send their children to school. All too often girls are required to give up their education first. Ana lives in Western Honduras with her parents,