Giving Women a Voice in Peru

The following post was written by Heifer volunteer Sandi Watson, and first appeared on our blog for Boston area volunteers. Sandi was part of a group that visited Heifer projects in Peru last month, and you can read her posts about the trip

A Fighting Chance

Manong Leonardo Cacap Manong = the first born, the big brother He goes by Narding. Gayang, his home town, is in the mountains—a small village without… steady jobs good roads any education that would make a difference “I dreamt of

Is Aid Money Well Spent?

Yesterday, CNN featured on their website development economist and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of poverty alleviation Esther Duflo as part of Ted Talk Tuesdays. Duflo spoke at the TED2010 conference in February. The lead

A Shout Out to Senegal

David Campbell sets up shop in Senegal. My little sister works in D.C. for Wangari Maathai’s Green Belt Movement, and she and I share a lot of info on new developments in development work. When I told her I’m shipping out for

Four-Wheel Drive Required

Photos and video by Dave Anderson In our 10 days of travel to Heifer Tanzania projects, we covered 2,000 miles in the company Toyota SUV, much of it down bone-jarring, head-cracking roads little more

Gifts That Help Mothers Around the Globe

Today on the Kindness Blog, USA Today's Christie Garton has a great post titled, "Mother's Day gift ideas that give back." She makes the case for alternative gifts as a way we can honor the women who make such a difference in our lives. Christie

A Hallelujah Moment

Photo by Donna Stokes Video by Dave Anderson On a sunny Sunday afternoon midway through our travels, we flew past this Tanzanian Assemblies of God Itunduma Church congregation rocking out to electric guitars

Return from Tanzania

"A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles." — Tim Cahill Heifer Tanzania camel project beneficiary Timothy Sheghere Mgonja's mother, Sifa, is 91 years old in a country where the average life expectancy is the mid-50s for both

Welcome to the Food Revolution

This short trailer gets my blood moving. For those who liked Food Inc., but wanted more solutions, take a look at the recent PBS special and short film, Nourish: Food + Community.

Got a Few Seconds to Volunteer?

Everyone stays busy these days, and carving out a whole day or even a whole hour to volunteer can seem next to impossible sometimes. Lucky for you, Jacob Colker is on the case. Colker is one of six young people earning a spot in the 2010 Rolex