Fire Can't Diminish Spirit

Written by Marleen New, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations Fire couldn't diminish the hope and spirit of the  Zambian women  Disturbing news greeted us this morning as we prepared to leave our hotel for the hand-over

We Must Vote for Peace and Child Survival

It’s been reported that Congress will start voting today on a last-minute debt ceiling deal to reduce the U.S. deficit by at least $2.1 trillion over the next decade. The House must vote before the Senate and they don’t have a lot of

Preparing to Pass on the Gift in Zambia

Written by Marleen New, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations When you think of Africa, most people would imagine hot and arid weather, but after a long 36-hour journey with delayed flights, missed connections, and lost baggage we

Sierra Leone: First Impressions

The weather always seems to affect the way I see locales. Our flight into Conakry, Guinea, was delayed about an hour as our big Air France jet from Paris circled, waiting for the rains to lift. The short (30 minutes) flight from Conakry to

Working Toward the World's Prosperity

As Donna said in her post yesterday, we’re highlighting key aspects of the US budget that fund poverty-focused development and humanitarian assistance. Heifer wishes to inform its supporters about the value of what could be lost in a flurry of

Weekly Article Roundup

Though we've been sharing a lot of information the past couple of days about how the government needs to continue to make an investment in ending hunger and poverty while they work out the U.S. budget, I thought I'd share some recent articles that

Final Preps for Sierra Leone

In a little more than 12 hours, I'll fly to Atlanta. Then to Paris. Then to Conakry, Gunea. Then to Freetown, Sierra Leone. I leave home on Saturday and arrive in another time, another place, another dimension. Excited, to be sure, but also a