Cholera Spreads to Haiti Capital

A 3-year-old boy who had not been out of Port-au-Prince tested positive for cholera, health authorities told the Associated Press early this week. Dozens more city residents suspected of having cholera were being tested. The outbreak has killed

Nourish Curriculum Now Available

by WorldLink Staff Are you an educator, parent, or advocate interested in teaching youth about food and sustainability? WorldLink and the Center for Ecoliteracy are proud to announce the release of the Nourish Middle School Curriculum Guide.

Hoes, Mules, Cell Phones

Worldwatch's Nourishing the Planet blog has another post up this week about how cell phones, not tractors or fertilizers, are the hottest new tool in farming. People throughout Asia and Africa are using their phones to find out which markets are

World Ark Article Gets Wider Recognition

Arts and Letters Daily, a blog of The Chronicle of Higher Education, singled out a World Ark feature as its "Article of Note" for November 8. "Can You Hear Us Now?", by travel writer Frank Bures, takes a first-person look at technology as way to

Quality of Life: How Do We Rate?

For the eighth time, Norway tops the United Nations' Human Development Index, a guide to the best countries to live in. Life expectancy, average income, years of schooling, gender equality and political freedom are just some of the indicators used

Storm Threatens Haiti

Photo by Bryan Clifton, Heifer International The Haitian government is advising hundreds of thousands of residents of Port-au-Prince's tent cities to evacuate as Tropical Storm Tomas threatens Haiti after killing at least 14 in St. Lucia. Aid

Small Farms in Big China

The back-to-your-roots small farming revolution that's keeping farmer's market tables brimming in the United States is gaining a toehold in China. Much like in the U.S., young people are off-ramping from higher-paying careers in finance and such in

Edible Education

by WorldLink staffHow can schools help kids make healthy food choices? In this new video from the Nourish Video Encyclopedia, Edible Schoolyard founder Alice Waters talks about the value of garden and kitchen experiences in transforming

Sierra Leone return to agriculture

Sierra Leone is probably best known for its dangerous and often violent diamond mining. But according to journalism student Martin Ricard, the country and its youth are slowly turning back to agriculture. Ricard recently won a 2010 Award for Online

Is Malaria Eradication the Right Goal?

Back in 2007, the contemporary titans of development funding, Bill and Melinda Gates, called for the global eradication of malaria. Remember when Bill unleashed supposedly malarial mosquitos on an audience at TED (5:05)? Surely malaria