A Window of Opportunity in Somalia?

Mid morning this morning I read what I consider the most deflating news yet about the crisis in the Horn of Africa: sacks of food aid meant for Somalis dying of starvation are being stolen and sold at nearby markets. From the AP report: In

Weekly Article Roundup

I'm always surprised when it's Friday here at Heifer. I guess we are so busy throughout the days and weeks, Fridays seem to sneak up on me. Last week's weekly article roundup blog was focused on the famine in Somalia and the devistation that the

A Choice No Parent Should Have to Make

We understand that a famine affecting more than 12 million people isn't something that can end quickly. But what we can't understand is why the response to the situation in the Horn of Africa hasn't garnered more attention or why the

TED Talk on Ending Hunger Now: What's Missing

Watch Josette Sheeran, the head of the United Nation's World Food Program on TED talk about different approaches to ending global hunger. A handful of things stuck out for me. First, the statement that food is "the most fundamental expectation of

How To: Compost

Why compost? Well, to keep food from rotting uselessly in a landfill, you can begin a pile in your backyard that will help strengthen the environment, making it friendly to natural inhabitants. Need more reasons? Composting also helps

Why Work Local

Chief Musa didn’t like animals messing up his village. “They compete with the farmers for their crops, they mess up the village. I don’t want them here.” But that was before he met Rashid Sesay, Country Director for Heifer