Zambia: Celebration by Dance!

by Marleen New, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations After participating in the hand-over ceremonies, we witnessed the celebration and thankfulness of the Zambian community as they sang and danced. Take a look at the video below: Our

Weekly Article Spotlight

As I’m reviewing which articles I want to use in this week’s article roundup, I realized that they all weigh heavy on the heart. With the drought in Africa and famine in Somalia, it’s a lot to take in at one time. Thankfully, I know

Lelo Bwacha: An Awakening in Zambia

by Marleen New, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations   A recurring theme on our trip to Zambia, I've found, is how such simple ideas, built from inexpensive and everyday items, can make a world of difference.  The local Bemba

Heifer: After The War

Heifer International country director Rashid Sesay shares his vision for the organization's work in Sierra Leone by Bill Fitzgerald If you’re reading this now, that phrase is probably at least mildly familiar. World War II… The Korean

A Closer Look

Although news reports are pouring in about the disastrous famine swallowing southern Somalia, it's difficult to imagine quite what it looks like. Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai has a pretty good perspective, though, viewing the disaster

Three Million Dead in Three Months

Nearly a month ago, we reminded you that a child dies every five seconds from hunger related causes. That's about 25,000 children a day. More than 9 million a year. In the last 90 days, more than 29,000 Somali children under the age of 5 have

Tropical Storm Hammers Haiti

Forecasters say up to 20 inches of rain is possible in isolated parts of Haiti as Tropical Storm Emily soaks a country prone to severe flooding. Residents near the capital of Port au Prince still suffering from a massive 2010 earthquake have few

Leadership Lessons from "The Rabbit King"

Mike Thompson, author of the upcoming book The Anywhere Leader, recently concluded a visit to Heifer projects in Nepal and China where he looked for examples of inspirational leaders among our project participants. While in China, Mike met one of