Food Crisis in 2011?

In a New York Times editorial, John Foley warns that too much money (i.e. governments printing more of it to help their economies recover) has the potential to cause a food crisis in 2011. Rising food prices make it even harder on those who already

The Roads of Uganda

The roads in Kampala, Uganda, really weren't all that bad. I was told by lots of folks that Kenya is far worse off in the road department. But take a look at this video, and see what you think. This is on our way from Kampala to one of the...

Appropriate Technology Keeps Your Hands Clean

I know I seem to keep harping on about biogas (and there's more to come!), but that's not the only form of appropriate technology we saw in Uganda. Here's a clever hand-washing station on a farm we visited. It's called a Tippy Tap, and it allows

Biogas is Important for Rural Women

How many times have you prepared a meal today? On a typical day at home, I'd say I use my stove or microwave three or four times. I cook eggs for breakfast, microwave oatmeal. Steam veggies for my daughter a couple of times, and cook dinner for my

Finally, Playing with Your Food is Rewarded!

As Christmas day draws closer, the Foodspotting Holiday Spotathon challenge draws to an end. With only one item left to find, Foodspotting will be donating a heifer, garden basket, pig, flock of chickens, hive of honeybees and (hopefully) a sheep

Sweet on Heifer

Junior Heifer supporters braved a cold morning in Little Rock, Ark., earlier this month to tempt neighbors and passersby with steamy mugs of hot drinks. All proceeds went to Heifer International. Teddy Jones and his friend John Maris, both age 7,

A Bit About Heifer Kenya

I've been a bit out of pocket, haven't I? After our day of meetings, we traveled to Nairobi with our Heifer Kenya colleague, Alex. I accidentally slept until 8 this morning and had to rush to grab breakfast. While Pierre met with USAID Kenya, he

Energized and Heiferized

Photos are from Heifer's Africa Area Program meeting. I know I was just waxing poetic about Heifer's Africa staff, but I hope you'll humor me one more time. I just got back from the Heifer Uganda staff meeting. Folks, these people are

Changing the Way We Look at Rural Development

We all know for sure that Heifer's model works. Millions and millions of farmers and families have increased their standard of living many times over. Seeing it firsthand is amazing; according to Sahr Libbee, VP of the Africa program, it's

The Top 5 Reasons Heifer Africa Rocks.

A few Heifer Africa staff with Uganda's Minister of Finance. It's unfortunate that, just as I'm beginning to get comfortable with Heifer Uganda staff, as well as the other Africa Area Program country directors, it's almost time to leave them. I