Leadership Lessons from "The Rabbit King"

Mike Thompson, author of the upcoming book The Anywhere Leader, recently concluded a visit to Heifer projects in Nepal and China where he looked for examples of inspirational leaders among our project participants. While in China, Mike met one of

The Making of a Successful Proposal (We Hope)

Heifer Sierra Leone Country Director Rashid Sesay, Joseph Buckle, Roland Suluku, Foday Koroma (of Njala University), Heifer Senior Project Officer Val Koker and volunteer Dr. Luciano Gajutos hammer out the details (not pictured, West Africa

The Business of Preserving the Savanna

Heifer project participants plant cashew seedlings Photos, video and story by Bill Fitzgerald   The business of burning wood to produce charcoal has been linked to support of Al Shabbab in the Horn of Africa. While Heifer is not addressing

You Can't Lift a Rock With Just One Finger

by Bill Fitzgerald "You can't lift a rock with just one finger." Those words were from an unschooled community leader of the Landaya Women Farmers Association in Koromasilaya Community in the Koinadugu District of Sierra Leone. They came after

Fire Can't Diminish Spirit

Written by Marleen New, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations Fire couldn't diminish the hope and spirit of the  Zambian women  Disturbing news greeted us this morning as we prepared to leave our hotel for the hand-over

We Must Vote for Peace and Child Survival

It’s been reported that Congress will start voting today on a last-minute debt ceiling deal to reduce the U.S. deficit by at least $2.1 trillion over the next decade. The House must vote before the Senate and they don’t have a lot of