Values-Based Training Transforms

Heifer CEO Pierre Ferrari is visiting Nepal and China this week. Listen in on what he has to say about Ramdayal Panday, husband of buffalo project participant Bauwa Piary, a women's group member in the Bashpitti Community Development Project in

A Light in Rural Nepal

Photos and video by Geoff Oliver Bugbee CEO Pierre Ferrari's visit to the Pooja Swavalambhi Women’s Group in the community of Bashpitti, Nepal, ended on a bright note as flickering candles and a Heifer SUV's car lights illuminated the

Llama Love

by Sandi Watson  Have you ever seen a llama or alpaca up close? They are beautiful animals, with their big eyes, flirty eyelashes, long legs, and soft fleece. alpacas in Pacchanta, Peru April 2010 For the Heifer project families who raise

Rwanda: Joining the Chain of Giving

At a Heifer International ?Passing of the Gift? ceremony that took place outside Kigali, Rwanda, one-hundred fifty farmers, officials and celebratory dancers took part in the joyous occasion to mark the ?passing on? gift of a dairy cow from 22 Heifer donors to 22 recipients. The donors were themselves...

Kids Can Make a Difference

Photo by Dave Anderson Check out the fantastic online Finding Solutions Newsletter by Jane and Larry Levine. The newsletter is published quarterly by the nonprofit program Kids Can Make a Difference (KIDS). Their Winter 2011 issue focuses on Food

Does Helping the Planet Hurt the Poor?

(Photo from Wall Street Journal) by Brett Garfinkel In their Saturday Essay column, The Wall Street Journal asked Peter Singer and Bjorn Lomberg, two global development experts, to respond to this question: Does Helping the Planet Hurt the