Pierre Ferrari in the Andes

Videography by Dave Anderson. This first video was shot on our drive to the first field visit in Peru. It was chilly, the view was breathtaking.  We took a little break to stretch our legs and have some coca tea to help us adjust to the

Lucio of Peru: Part 2 of 2

Yesterday I told you part of the story of Lucio Mandura, and here is the other part. (The bulk of this story was written by Maureen Goal, a volunteer with Heifer Peru.) Lucio attended trainings from Heifer Peru, which, when combined with his

Lucio of Peru: Part 1 of 2

I've already told you a bit about Lucio Mandura, but I thought I'd share a little bit more. (The bulk of this story was written by Maureen Goal, a volunteer with Heifer Peru.)Lucio Mandura Crispin (40) lives with his wife, Sebastiana Pacce Jora

Fun in Peru: Day 1

We had a really good time on our first day in the field in the Andean Highlands of Peru. I'm sure there are more precarious bridges, but this one holds the record for me. To get to Lucio's farm, we drove up to a very tiny tourist town. On our

Allin Kausay

Good Living. That's what Allin Kausay means. It's the name of a Heifer Peru project in the Cusco region of Peru. This project, which is only about five months in, plans to contribute to improved food systems and living conditions for 1,540

Trainer of Trainers Teaches Us

You might not guess it when you first meet him, but Mahmoud Conteh is a highly educated agronomist who teaches others how to improve their crop yields the sustainable way. In truth, Mahmoud grew up desperately poor and under-educated in the Port

Weekly Article Roundup

We've been busy these past couple of weeks discussing the famine and drought in the Horn of Africa on the Heifer blog. This week, along with the drought discussion, we've also been reading and following the topic of child poverty in the United

World Humanitarian Day

Today is World Humanitarian Day. It is a day the United Nations set aside to recognize “sacrifices and contributions of [humanitarian aid workers] who risk their lives to give others help and hope.” There are dozens of