How To: Make a Difference

"If you think something small can't make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room." Sometimes it's hard to imagine the little things that we do can make a big difference. Fact is, the little things have a way of making the

Ecuador: Into the Banana Republic

For whatever reason, my 2-year-old associates the word "errand" with bananas. I say, "I've got to run some errands," and she says, "You get more bo-mannas? You come back more bo-mannas?" Okay, so it might have something to do with our family of

Rebuilding the Heifer Ranch

Written by Michelle Izaguirre, Senior Director of Learning Centers Heifer Ranch is slowly beginning to recover from the damages that occurred from the tornado that hit the Ranch on April 25, 2011.  As of now we have repaired the pavilion if

Growing For Market

After we visited the agroecology market in Loja, Ecuador, we went to visit the farm of one of the vendors participating in the project. Maria and Rafael Paccha had a very diverse peri-urban farm with vegetables, fruit trees and an entire greenhouse

Weekly Article Roundup

If you've been keeping up with the Heifer blog this week you've seen a lot of stories on Brooke's recent trip to Peru and Ecuador where it looks like they've had a great time visiting projects. She's shared stories about Lucio and his alpacas,

New Solar Panels Help Heifer Care for the Earth

 Written by Erin Snow, Communications Manager After more than three weeks of setting the stage, the real stars of the 100-panel, 25 kW solar array, have arrived. One-by-one, each panel has been placed atop support poles on the north side of

Eating in South America

I'm heading back home late late tonight, with a brain still full of things to write about my trip to Peru and Ecuador. But, as it's Friday, I thought I'd just do a handful of photos of the food I've had the opportunity to try while in South